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4 Types of Sausages According to Their Processing Method

Types of Sausages in Broad Perspective

There are more than 200 varieties of sausages worldwide, and for about as long as humans have been on the hunt, sausages have been on the menu.

Tasty and efficient (they were designed to use all parts of an animal, but don’t dwell on that), cured and smoked meats kept our pre-fridge ancestors well fed. They would undoubtedly be amazed at how far sausage makers have taken this craft. We have so many types to choose from that it can be hard to know which. Here then, is a little primer on four broad categories of sausages and how to cook them.

1. Fresh Sausages

The ground meat in these sausage casings is uncooked, which means raw meat.

Examples of these sausages: How or Sweet Italian sausage, fresh poultry sausage, and Mexican chorizo.

Cooking: Mandatory. Grill directly overflow to medium heat or roast them over indirect heat until no pink remains.

Chorizo (Fresh)

2. Cold Smoked Sausages

These sausages have been smoked with some wood and are usually entirely cooked.

Examples of these kinds of sausages: Andouille, linguica, kielbasa

Cooking: Not always necessary, but a quick grilling to warm the meat and get a good char will only make them better.

Smoked Kielbasa (Cold Smoked)

3. Precooked Sausages

These have been with fresh, blended meat and were then cooked before packaging and distribution.

Examples of these kind of sausages: Hot dog, pork bratwurst, veal bratwurst, mortadella

Cooking: Not required, but certainly recommended to boost flavor.

Pork Bratwurst (Precooked)

4. Cured Sausages

Here we have sausages that have been salted and air-dried for weeks. They enjoy long shelf lives.

Examples of these sausages are Spanish chorizo, salami, and Landjager. Turkish raw sausage named “Soujouk” also fits this category.

Cooking: Your call. They are designed to be delicious but can be significantly cooked, too.

Turkish Soujouk (Cured)

And that’s it. These are the 4 Types of Sausages According to Their Processing Method.

I hope you enjoyed it.


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