Best Adana Kebab Restaurants in the European Side of Istanbul

The first flavor that comes to mind when the city of Adana is mentioned is undoubtedly Adana Kebab. It is such a flavor that it welcomes you with its smell and enchants you even before you arrive at the place. Especially if it accompanies sumac onions, “Tablaci Salad,” “open handmade ayran,” or “Adana Salam – Turnip Juice.” You want to watch the table like a painting.

The quality of the meat used in Adana kebab and the hand of the master determines the flavor of the kebab. Of course, this unique flavor is delicious in its place, but for those who can’t go to Adana, there are Adana kebab restaurants in Istanbul that serve Adana kebab just the way they make in the city of Adana.

Here are the best Adana kebab places on the European side of Istanbul that bring Adana to your doorstep.

1. Kebabci Asker Usta

Located in Maslak Ataturk Oto Sanayi, it is one of the best places to experience the best Adana kebab in Istanbul. Family-run Asker Usta is very popular due to word of mouth about its quality flavors. Although it has a large and spacious area, it can be pretty crowded on weekends due to its popularity. At Asker Usta Kebapçı, the meat is freshly bought and processed daily. Asker Usta’s Adana Kebab, which you will love the taste of without the need to go to Adana, is made only from rib meat pulled with (zirh) without adding additional flavors such as tail fat and spices. Tablacı salad, sumac onion, and chili paste salads are freshly prepared and served to your table with your order. There is also open buttermilk for those who want it. After dinner, tea is also served as a treat. Apart from Adana kebab, fatty black and liver skewers are also among the prominent flavors of Asker Usta. We recommend the straw kadayif and oven rice pudding for a sweet ending.

Address: Maslak Mah. Aos 41. Sk. No: 250 – 2 Interior Door No: 1 Sariyer/ Istanbul
Phone: +90 212 289 01 01

2. Adana Mestanzade Kebab

Adana Mestanzade Kebap, named after Mestanzade, the oldest neighborhood of Adana city, is a kebab shop that keeps Adana alive in Istanbul for its fans. Their Adana kebabs are prepared daily from natural (with – a big knife that turns meat into minced meat), and minced meat in Adana style proves this. A family business from Adana, Adanalı Mestanzade Kebap shows its mastery in Adana and all types of kebabs. Moreover, they are very successful in the flavors they cook in the oven. We especially recommend that you try their lahmacun.

The fact that the “Adana wrap” is served wrapped in pita bread hot out of the oven shows how Mestanzade represents Adana. Their turnips come directly from Adana.

The complimentary salads that come with the order are fresh and delicious. Lahmacun, lamb liver, and chicken wings with sauce are among the other prominent flavors of Adana Mestanzade Kebab. You can try the straw kadayif with clotted cream and katmer for a sweet ending.

Address: Cumhuriyet Mh. Onur Sk. Demir Romance Sitesi Akik 4, 34520 Beylikduzu/Istanbul
Phone: +90 539 8567663

3. Kebabci Murat

Kebabci Murat is one of the kebab shops close to Topkapi’s walls, where you can eat delicious Adana kebab. The place has a large and spacious area. Adana kebab is successful. Everything is prepared daily and fresh. Salads and appetizers are served with your order. For those who wish, they have both handmade open ayran and closed ayran. The staff is very attentive and polite. Apart from Adana, liver skewers are among the prominent flavors. In addition, semolina desserts with ice cream and kunafa are also very successful in flavor.

Address: Topkapı, No:, Topkapı Cd. No:19, 34093 Fatih/Istanbul
Phone: +90 212 5230101

4. Meshur Kebabci Emin Usta

Meshur Kebabci Emin Usta, a small, shabby kebab shop in Fatih, is one of the places where you can get a good taste of Adana kebab. Master Emin prepares the meat daily. With years of experience and the flavor of his hand, legendary kebabs come out. In addition to Adana kebab, liver skewers, lamb skewers, and eggplant kebab are among the prominent flavors. We highly recommend their salads and handmade open ayran.

Address: Hırka-i Şerif, Karabulut Sk. No:4, 34091 Fatih/Istanbul
Phone: +90 212 6210083

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5. Kamuran Usta from Adana

From Adana Kamuran Usta is a shabby kebab shop in Zeytinburnu. All of the kebabs are freshly prepared daily by Kamuran Usta. The “zirh minced” Adana kebab is delicious. Chicken wings, liver, and eggplant kebab are prominent flavors.

Address: Seyitnizam, Mevlana Cd. 21/B, 34015 Zeytinburnu/Istanbul
Phone: 0541 741 4801

6. Bilice Kebab

Bilice Kebab is a kebab shop in Asmalı Mescit where you can enjoy the flavor of kebab. It is a three-story, prominent, spacious place with an authentic ambiance. Bilice Kebab is one of the best places to eat Adana kebab without going to Adana. The appetizers and salads served on copper trays are successful. They have open Ayran. You only need to carry cash on this excellent taste because credit cards are not accepted.

Address: Asmalı Mescit, Asmalı Mescit Cd. No:8, 34430 Beyoglu/Istanbul
Phone: 0532 1721207

7. Oz Adana Kebab Salonu

Oz Adana Kebab Salonu is one of the must-visit places for Sariyer Tarabya. Oz Adana Kebab Salonu is where you can experience the best flavors of Adana. They sell Ali Gode turnip juice for turnip lovers. They also have an open ayran. Salads and appetizers are successful. The place is small and shabby, but the flavors are memorable. Apart from Adana kebab, Adana style lahmacun, eggplant kebab, and chicken wings are among the prominent flavors. The staff is friendly and courteous. You can try the katmer for dessert.

Address: Tarabya, Dereici Sok. No: 11, 34457 Sariyer/Istanbul
Phone: 0212 2235930

8. Adana Kebab Restaurant Ersin Usta

Adana Kebab Restaurant Ersin Usta is a very young kebab restaurant in the Gaziosmanpasa Yesilpınar neighborhood. Having gained experience in the kitchen since childhood, Ersin Usta’s Adana kebab is cooked so juicy and so delicious. The meat is brought from Balikesir daily and prepared and cooked after being passed through the armor. Adana Kebab Restaurant Ersin Usta is one of the places in Istanbul where you can feel like you are in Adana, thanks to its Adana kebab. Liver, wings, and grilled meatballs are among the other prominent flavors.

Address: Mevlana, 837th Sk. No:1-A, 34255 Gaziosmanpasa/Istanbul
Phone: +90212 650 1122

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