Know This: How to Build a Better Burger?

Building a better burger is possible! The burger is about as foolproof a meal as we know: Open bun, insert patty, tight bun, and eat. Not much to it, right? Nor should there be. But some minor adjustments can yield delicious results.

1. Choose Firm Buns

Grocery store brands can be too soft and fall apart as the juices run. A good bun should be slightly dense but still pillowy. Sound contradictory? The potato bun and the kaiser roll pull off this duality well.

2. Make It Toasty

Tossing your split buns on the grill for 30 seconds to 1 minute creates a dry surface that will absorb juices without total bun disintegration. That slight crunch does a lot for texture, too.

3. Spread Lightly

A light slathering of condiments inside your bun reinforces that toasty barrier while adding flavor and just the right amount of moisture. Limit yourself to one condiment poer half so you can appreciate the taste of each.

4. Top Smart

While a sky-high burger with the works may suit your cravings, it rarely fits the size of the human mouth. Stick to what is freshly good quality and complementary. The idea is that the toppings should play ball, not stage a bench-clearing brawl between the buns.

5. Order Matters

Place the drier toppings, such as lettuce and raw onion, closest to the bun, with juicier toppings, like tomato slices, most relative to the patty. The bun stays dry, the toppings stay put, and no clean shirts will be harmed while building your perfect burger.


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