The 7 Best Turkish Restaurants In Manhattan, New York

The 7 Best Turkish Restaurants in New York City – 2022

No doubt, New York City is the biggest city which has many options to a variety of restaurants. It is possible to eat all kinds of food and find examples from almost every cuisine. Manhattan is considered the heart of New York. With the increasing Turkish population in the region over time, Turkish dishes have also diversified in Manhattan.

We have researched where to eat the best, which one has the most special dish and we have listed the 7 Best Turkish Restaurants in Manhattan for you.


1- Sip Sak

This is the place where you can find the appetizers (mezzos) as delicious as in Istanbul. Eggplant paste with garlic, Babagannus, and also Ravioli. (Turkish Manti) Even you can find here the famous “Tripe” and “Lamb Head Soup” which are the most popular soups in Turkey. (As very powerful hangover dishes)

Sip Sak is one of the best addresses to satisfy your cravings for Turkish cuisine. The founder ”Orhan Abi” was past away in 2020. He was a special person who offers his own “lakerda” to his special customers. May he rest In peace.

Address: 928 2nd Ave (btwn 49th & 50th St) NY  
Phone: 2125831900

Turkish Mezes

2- Agora

Meatballs and the “Shepherd’s Salad” (Çoban Salata) taste like your Turkish mother does the … Chicken skewers should be also tried. Undoubtedly one of the best Turkish Restaurants for tasting real Turkish food.

Address: 1565 2nd Ave (Between 81th and 82nd St) NY
Phone: 2127171220

Chicken Skewers

3- Beyoglu

Beyoglu is the best to serve “Bursa Iskender Kebap” which is also a special dish in Bursa, Turkey. A lot of fans for it. You must try Iskender Kebap at least once in your lifetime. Also, rice (pilaf) Turkish tzatziki (Cacık), and lentil soup are worth tasting.

Addres: 1431 3rd Ave (at E 81st St.) NY   
Phone: 212 6500850

Chef’s Mezzes

 4- Little Rascal

Meatballs are very popular and their own wine goes well with them. Eggplant pate and lamb skewer also get all the thumbs up. In addition, the music and decoration of the place complete the New York ambiance with a Turkish twist.

Address: 163 Elizabeth St (Kenmare St) NY
Phone:: 2129660446

Eggplant Paste with Garlic

5- Turkish Kitchen

Lahmacun is very successful, and almost has the taste of Gaziantep Lahmacun. (Garlicky) You can find meatballs with rice and the “baklava” you miss when you are abroad.

Address: 386 3rd Ave (at E 28th St) NY  
Phone: 2126791810


6- Bodrum Mediterranean

Pizza with sausage, appetizer plate, and spring rolls are among the most popular dishes in this restaurant.

Address: 584 Amsterdam Ave (at W 88th St) NY  
Phone: 2127992806

Chef’s Choice

7- Aba Turkish Resturant

Here you should try Turkish Ravioli (Mantı) and the famous “lentil soup”.

Address: 325 W 57th St (Columbus) NY  
Phone: 2126559368


Bon appetit!

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