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Where to Eat Belem Donut “Nata” in Lisbon? Pastais de Belem, Lisbon, Portugal

Now, there is something called Nata in Portugal. It is a cream pie. It is as if the pie dough is crispy and crunchy, like puff pastry. And the cream inside says, “Mine!”. But the country where this Nata is most popular and famous is Turkey. What is our love for “Nata”?

We went to Lisbon once; we shared two or three data on our social media accounts, and our people in Turkey went crazy. Now it’s okay! We are a nation with a sweet tooth. But what about this nata! Piyuuuu… If someone opens a Natacı in the country, it can sell more than lokmacıs. Especially if they diversify the classic nata, you will see the festivities…

Now, sir, another name for this Nata dessert is Belem Donut. You can find it everywhere in Portugal. At the airport, at the gas station, at the bakery. But the place where the legend of Nata originated is Pasteis de Belem in Lisbon, and people usually go to this pastry shop to eat “Nata.” They don’t just go there; they queue up.

Opened in 1837, this patisserie looks like it has a small facade from the outside, but it consists of many intertwined rooms converted from a factory. A patisserie like a romantic movie set…

Go to see this patisserie! There are many other desserts and cakes on the menu, but we are talking about a historical place that has become legendary with this puff pastry.

The recipe is a mystery, but even other chain stores in the country produce Nata. One of them is “Manteigaria”. It has branches in many places and looks more modern than Pastais de Belem. There, too, you buy it as it comes out of the oven and eat it crispy. That’s good, too. Eat it, eat it!

What to do? If you go to Lisbon, eat Nata at Pastais de Belem.
Do like us and order an espresso to go with it!
Enjoy your meal.
Hail Vasco da Gama!

Pasteis de Belem
R. de Belém 84-92, 1300-085 Lisboa, Portugal
Phone: +351213637423

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