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Where to Eat the Best Personalized Profiteroles in Athens? CHOUREAL – Choux & Profiterole, Greece

Best Profiterole in Athens

We are not dessert lovers, though we fell for dessert. We found a profiterole shop in Athens called Choureal. God forgive us; they fill the outside with the smell of chocolate and chou, and it is impossible not to go inside and not ask what is happening inside this shop.

Those who walk out the door and sit around the tables around it lose themselves in this chocolate flavor pit with love and passion.

O friend who eats well. What’s in a profiterole? Isn’t it just a chou filled with pastry cream and topped with a fluid chocolate? Choureal has studied these classic profiteroles so well that he has created a new school of profiteroles. We call it a personalized profiterole experience. In other words, you can have your choice of chocolate, fluids, and nuts added on top of the pastry cream pâtés.

O Athens!

You have invented a dessert worthy of your ancient gods, and well done!

Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, caramel… Or a mixture of your two preferences. Add strawberries, chocolate, blueberries, Oreos, lotus biscuit crumbs, or roasted hazelnuts and pistachios on top if you wish. Again, your profiterole can be completely personalized according to your preference.

This already makes Choureal a first in the dessert category. We had dark chocolate and milk chocolate with strawberries on top.

When you enter this new-generation dessert shop, a lady puts pastry cream and chou in thick plastic containers. Other ladies take the containers full of pastry cream and patechou from her and serve them while you wait in line, asking you questions and topping them with your choice of fluid chocolates.

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Here’s a bowl full of happiness—a new generation profiterole of Athenian wit and enthusiasm.

You find it hard not to spoon this bowl and the chou, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, underneath the flowing chocolate. You can’t resist too much anyway, and you lose yourself in these cups like munchies.

The chocolate poured over the chous is not just any chocolate. Choureal uses good quality Valrhona brand chocolate, and the resulting product turns into a dessert that Zeus would love.

Here is Profiterol 3.0.

If you like pastry cream and chocolate, Choureal is a concept, a flavor, and an apparent reason to love Athens even more.

If we could have one dessert on our next visit to Athens, we would choose Choureal’s personalized profiteroles.

We have written this article in case you prefer it too.

So, let’s pray together.

May Zeus and his people protect and bless whoever eats profiteroles here with our inspiration. May he be blessed to revisit Athens and make his relationships with all his loved ones as sweet as the profiteroles he eats here.


CHOUREAL – Choux & Profiterole
Ermou 18, Athina 105 63, Yunanistan
Tel: +30 210 3317883

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