What is Simit Pogaca?

Macedonia’s famous bread rolls: Simit Pogaca (Pronounced as Simit Powcha)

In North Macedonia, people eat burek between bread, called “Simit Pogaca.”

“Simit pogaca” is simply a pastry between bread. In Macedonia, especially in Skopje, it is a meal consumed and eaten very popularly in the Turkish part. It is mainly preferred for breakfast. “The dough is in the dough; where is the wisdom in this?” you may say, but there are many lovers and eaters.

The sesame bread, which has the consistency of pastry bread but looks more reminiscent of Izmir’s kumru bread, is cut in the middle, and a pastry, usually a plain pastry, which is served quite greasy and hot, is cut into pieces and placed inside. This is what Macedonians call “Simit Pogaca“. The flavor of this cut pastry is somewhere between our Kurdish (Kut) pastry and water pastry. As mentioned, it is consumed directly between the bread and powdered sugar.

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We had simit pogaca for the first time in Skopje, Macedonia, in a shabby pastry shop called Eski Kasaba Börekcisi (Old Town Pastry Shop) with a queue in front of it. There was a lot of both local and foreign demand. Interestingly, we were satisfied with the flavor we ate. (I mean, we would eat it again.) We thought that tea would be very good with it. But Macedonians usually drink Ayran with their pastries. Or they drink cranberry juice called “Borovnica.”

We know that the historical Uskup Pastry Shop in Bursa Gulbahce makes and sells simit-pogaca from the hands of Suayip Usta, similar to the ones in Macedonia.

Likewise, as far as we know, Uskup Simit Pogaca in Bayrampasa, Istanbul, also makes and sells simit-pogaca in the same way.

In the current economic conditions, we think that a product like Simit Pogaca will appear more and more in the coming days.

Enjoy your meal…

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