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Cold Cut Varieties in Italy

Italians Say “Salumi,” and the French say “Charcuterie”…

The wide variety of cured meats available throughout Italy reflects thousands of years of perfecting a tradition of preserving meats. The different methods, textures, and flavors represent the richness of Italy’s various regional culinary cultures. Let’s see what can be discovered inside an Italian salumeria.

There are two types of Pork

1.Ground Pork

After grinding, the meat is mixed with herbs and other ingredients (including beef, sometimes), salted, stuffed into casings like sausages, and hung to dry, cure, and ferment.


A fresh pork sausage made from the cheek and neck, it’s seasoned with nutmeg and cloves.


Unlike other salumi, this one is spreadable; it includes hot peppers from Calabria.


Originally from Bologna, and that’s what it’s called in America.


Originally from Sothern Italy, different regions have distinctive varieties; in Calabria, it includes hot peppers.

Salami Piccante

It is called pepperoni in the U.S., and the original comes from Calabria. It is rubbed with red peppers and paprika, giving it a distinctive color and flavor—one of the most well-known Italian cold cut varieties worldwide.

Genoa Salami (Salami Felino)

Two of the best-known cold cuts from the salami family. Genoa is seasoned with pepper, garlic, and red wine and sometimes includes veal. Felino is a small town in the Baganza Valley near Parma.

2. Whole Pork (Muscle)

Usually salted and dry-cured in one slab (not ground) and sliced very thin for serving.


The most sought-after varieties are often cured with rosemary from the Aosta Valley and Colonnata.


Similiar to Capacollo (from Calabria) Coppa is from Emilia Romagna. Both are often rubbed with hot paprika.


Italy’s version of bacon. It’s often cut into cubes and used to add flavor to dishes.


From the Alto Adige of Northern Italy, this smoked meat is cubed and added to dishes for richness or eaten in thin slices.


Served either uncooked (Crudo) or cooked (cotton). Prosciutto di Parma is the most famous variety.


Usually, it’s seasoned with black pepper or fennel.

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