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The Best Thai Restaurants in Istanbul, Turkiye

Best Places to Try Thai Cuisine in Istanbul

We know those who go to or from the Far East love Asian cuisine. Those who have been to Thailand know it well, whether it is Thailand’s national dish, Pad Thai, or Tom Yum varieties; if you have eaten it once and loved it, you cannot give it up again. The interest in Asian cuisine in Istanbul is increasing day by day. So much so that we thought we would write a general category article called Asian Cuisine, but we realized that the number of specific Thai restaurants in Istanbul has increased considerably. So, we said come on and decided to prepare the first list of the best Thai restaurants in Istanbul for you.

Here are the best Thai restaurants in Istanbul that serve the outstanding flavors of Thai cuisine

1.Çok Çok Thai

Çok Çok Thai is one of the most successful and oldest restaurants in Beyoğlu Pera and one of the most ambitious restaurants in Istanbul for classic Thai cuisine. Nutjarin Plasri (Nickname: Khun Nuch), who cooked in the kitchen of the Thai Royal Family for many years, is a chef with a worldwide career in classic Thai food. Since we have watched him in the kitchen while he cooks, we can tell how skillful he is and that he almost identifies with the food, even becoming a part of it. Pad Thai and Curry Tom Yum are our recommendations, but we recommend you try every dish on the menu whenever you can. Very Very Thai is a unique restaurant on the 2023 Michelin Istanbul recommendation list.

Address: Asmalı Mescit, Meşrutiyet Cd. No:51/A, 34430 Beyoğlu/Istanbul
Tel: 0535 4521808

2. Az Çok Thai

This time, we are at a smaller but more intimate restaurant in Beyoğlu Çukurcuma by the same group that brought us Çok Çok Thai. Unlike Çok Çok Thai, the dishes here are inspired by Thai street food or interpreted as street food versions of the main dishes. Try the papaya salad called Som Tam and Pad Thai here. (Az Çok Thai has a lighter menu than Çok Çok Thai, and the prices are a bit cheaper).

Address: Kuloglu Mah. No: 12/A. Çukurcuma, Ağa Külhanı Sk., 34433 Beyoğlu/Istanbul
Tel: 0212 2302545

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3.Çok Çok Pera – Contemporary Thai

The same group of restaurants, this time more luxurious and expensive, modernizing and fusionizing Thai food. At the head of it all is the master, as mentioned above, chef Khun Nuch. Pera Tha has fewer tables and stands out among Turkey’s “fine dining” concept restaurants. This is why we put the group’s restaurants, which are the first in Thai food and diversification, in the first three places and run their restaurants relentlessly in this regard. Because they have been a great inspiration for the Thai restaurants that will open in the future. (Don’t go without a reservation – make sure to have a cocktail at the Ernest bar on the left at the entrance)

Address: Evliya Çelebi, Meşrutiyet Cd. No:94/A, 34421 Beyoğlu/Istanbul
Tel: 0212 2455726

4.Pad Thai

Pad Thai is another Thai restaurant located in Cihangir, Beyoğlu. It takes its name from Thailand’s national dish, “Pad Thai”. Tom Yum with sea mash is very popular. Here, fried rice with pineapple and shrimp, Pad Thai as the place’s name, and fried bananas for dessert are also prevalent.

Address: Firuzaga, Defterdar Ykş. NO:41A, 34425 Beyoglu/Istanbul
Tel: 0531 9473465

5.Tomyum (Siam) Taksim

This is another female-owned Thai restaurant in Beyoğlu, named after Tom Yum soup, another national dish of Thailand. They are quite assertive in their Tom Yum soup varieties. Their spring rolls are also thriving. The owner is a Thai family. The atmosphere almost transports you to a family restaurant in Thailand. Unfortunately, they don’t speak English or Turkish well. Pad Thai and dumplings should also be tried.

Address: Şehit Muhtar, Utarit Sk. No:4, 34440 Beyoglu/Istanbul
Tel: 0531 6223197

6.Thai Style Food

A restaurant in Aksaray Fatih, Istanbul, especially for Thai people in Turkey. The staff does not speak Turkish or English. So it’s better to study a little bit beforehand and go. Tom Yum and Hot Pot are the prominent flavors here. Also, make sure to try their lemongrass and spicy shrimp cold cuts. However, you should know that Thai people love to eat spicy food. Also, the flavors of their dishes are complemented by pain. So, specify “No Spice” for every dish you eat there. You can choose this place for an authentic Thai dining experience.

Address: Aksaray, Akasya Cafe Top Floor, Molla Gürani Mah, Adnan Menderes Blv. 39/A, 34093 Fatih/Istanbul
Tel: 0551 0903628

7.Krua Thai

We are in Fatih again, this time but in the Şehremini neighborhood. Krua Thai stands out with classic dishes such as Tom Yum, Pad Thai, and Satay grilled skewers. Papaya salad is also booming. If you are looking for different flavors in Şehremini, take note. (Note: Thai people also frequent this place)

Address: Sehremini, Koyuncu Sk. 3/A, 34093 Fatih/Istanbul
Tel: 0212 5882167

8. Piya Thai, Kadikoy

Piya Thai is a local business that opened in Kadıköy in place of the closed pizzeria Sou Baker and offers the best example of Thai cuisine on the Anatolian side of Kadıköy. Offering the best examples of Pad Thai, Tom Yum, and many other Thai flavors, Piya Thai is sure to become more famous in the future. If you are looking for alternative cuisine and the flavors of different countries, definitely give it a chance. (Note: Their hot pepper is potent.)

Address: Caferağa, Dr. Esat Isik Cd. 31/A, 34700 Kadıköy/Istanbul
Tel: 02167664186

9.Nid Noi

Assertive in Pad Thai and Chicken Curry, Nid Noi’s “Fruit Panna Cotta” dessert is also trendy.

Address: Harbiye, Mim Kemal Öke Cd. Çiftçiler apt No 1C, 34367 Şişli/İstanbul
Tel: 02122302545

Yes. This is our list for now. We will expand it over time as new Thai restaurants open in Istanbul. We are waiting for your recommendations and comments.

Bon appetite.

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