How is Fiore’s House of Quality, Hoboken, New Jersey

How could we have missed this deli in Hoboken that we visited and loved? Shame on us! As they say, we were mistaken; forgive us.  We are here to sing the praises of the sandwich we had in Hoboken, New Jersey, an upscale neighborhood populated mainly by Italians, during a visit to the United States of America, where the wind blew us away for the seventeenth time. Get ready! The name of the place is Fiore’s House of Quality. It’s also known as Fiore’s Deli in the neighborhood.

Meet Kunter. Kunter Mandal. Every man’s life would be saved if he had a spouse/friend like Kunter. Like Jesus Christ, he comes from heaven and establishes his earthly kingdom. He may not know his worth; he struggles with his dark self but is very righteous. He is an engineer. Life has dragged him to the United States of America. Kunter is a superior person with a strong self-identity, a man fond of his stomach, a high love for humanity, and an increased sense of wonder. Thus, he lives in New Jersey.

No, why am I talking about Kunter Mandal, right? Because we went to Fiore’s House of Quality with Kunter Mandal. Why have I been writing in the tone of “we” until today? That’s why. Because being a good eater requires not going to a flavor alone and having a faithful witness with you.

So the day came; we left Weehawken, New Jersey, early on a Tuesday morning with the excuse of Kunter paying a “wrong parking ticket” and arrived in Hoboken, New Jersey, where Fiore’s Deli has been inhabiting for years. Yes, we had planned it. Yes, we said, “Let’s go together.”  And today was the day.

We need to talk about the place we call Hoboken so that you can catch the ambiance. We could describe Hoboken as the “Manhattan” of New Jersey. It has a beautiful long street. It has nostalgic pubs, markets, restaurants, and shops. You can usually see the Italian influence along that street (Washington Street). It is chic. There are Italian barbershops, shops, pizza restaurants, ice cream vendors, bagel shops, etc. It’s a lovely neighborhood. Also, speaking of Italian, it is the place where the famous singer Frank Sinatra was born and grew up. (We think this is important) Frank Sinatra is the pride of Hoboken. Also, Hoboken, New Jersey, is the first place in history where the first baseball competition was held. Another famous element is the fresh “Mozzarella” cheese, which Hobokeners call “Mutz, “ which they produce. (Remember these three elements when you go to Hoboken)

Now that we have more or less summarized the ambiance, it’s time to talk about Fiore’s House of Quality, which has been serving since 1913. This is a historic Italian delicatessen in the back streets of Hoboken. As soon as you enter the shop, salamis, and mortadellas fly in the left window. Like many Italians who immigrated and settled here, Fiore’s Delicatessens brought this art to America from their grandparents in Italy. They produce fresh Mozzarella cheese from fresh milk daily and sell it in their sandwiches.

When you enter the shop, we tell you there is a deli cabinet on your left and a sandwich showcase and cabinet right in front of you. Fiore’s Deli has become famous for making a different specialty sandwich daily. For example, they have combinations like Virginia pork and mozzarella on Mondays, Corned Beef and mozzarella on Tuesdays, sausage in red gravy on Wednesdays, and Italian or American tuna and mozzarella on Fridays. Sorry, but they are closed on Sundays.

We went with Kunter on a Tuesday for a Corned Beef and Mozzarella sandwich. The guy behind the counter took a freshly prepared, warm, giant braided mozzarella cheese with the milk dripping all over the floor and put it on the sandwich counter. Then he sliced it, squirting it with juices/milk. Then he went to the deli case, ran the corned beef through the machine, and placed it on an Italian baguette with the chopped mozzarella cheese. He poured a mustard sauce on top.

Alas! It was Thor who ate it. You’d take it out and bang it on the table if you had a hammer. I swear. Each sandwich weighed almost a kilo.

Unlike Europeans, in America, the roads are significant, the cars are large, and the food is plentiful; in other words, the portions are always 1.5 or double compared to Europeans. In other words, whatever you eat is highly abundant and satisfies the eyes first and foremost. Fiore’s House of Quality is a business that has adopted the same motto. They add one ingredient after another. You are more than full with half of the sandwich they prepare for one person. Of course, there is no seating area in that shop. You can take your sandwich to go and eat it at work, in your car, or at home.

As you can see from the photos and the video, the result is “Magnificento!”

Here we are, thank God, mortals who can enjoy this greatness, and we say to you, if you happen to go to Hoboken, eat some of this greatness at Fiore’s Deli.

In this world that is decaying day by day, maybe in fifty years, there will be no fresh mozzarella left.


P.S.: If you are in New Jersey, we recommend going to Sharky’s Wings & Raw Bar for garlic and celery-paired chicken wings.

Fiore’s House of Quality
414 Adams St #2693, Hoboken, NJ 07030, USA
Tel: +12016591655

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