The Best Ouzo Brands in Greece

A Greek Breeze: The Best of Greece’s National Drink Ouzo

A gentle breeze from the sea, the sun slowly retreating, Greek melodies in the background, simple appetizers scattered on a blue taverna table with ice-cold Ouzo. How could life get any better than this?

Even though it has similar characteristics to Turkish national drink Raki, Ouzo has a different place. Ouzo is a highly alcoholic drink with aromas other than the most prominent aniseed, which will add pleasure to your enjoyment. In contrast, you enjoy conversations with your loved ones while inhaling the Aegean in all its splendor. Moreover, as you read the following article, you will be surprised to see how many connections it has with Istanbul. Almost all ouzo producers moved from Istanbul to Greece during the exchange times.

With 180 ouzo producers and 370 types of Ouzo, Greece has been producing Ouzo since Byzantine times when the first distillation was made. During our recent visit to Greece – especially in Duty-Free shops, where the decision to buy Ouzo is difficult – we asked around. We decided to compile the best of Greece’s local and national drink, Ouzo.

Here are the best ouzo brands in Greece.

1. Gatsios Meltemi

Having been introduced to the aromatic world of herbs and the secrets of traditional distillation in Istanbul, Thanassis Gatsios returned to the historic village of Syrrako in 1878 and established the first distillery in Epirus. With the experience he gained here and the recipes he brought back from Istanbul, he began producing excellent Ouzo.

Today, the fourth generation of the Gatsios family continues to produce traditional spirits with the same dedication, using the same recipes and distillation methods, carefully selected, quality ingredients from Greek producers, with the same values and tastes that have not changed since 1878.

Gatsios’ Meltemi is a soft-drinking, sweet, and pleasant ouzo named after the refreshing summer breeze. With the harmony of the aromatic herbs it contains, it is like a sweet Aegean wind, like the first sea breeze gently taking you under its influence. For the Greeks, “Meltemi” always has a special place.

2. Kazanisto

Kazanisto is another ouzo brand that has won the appreciation of ouzo lovers with its unique flavor after an 8-hour distillation process in traditional bronze boilers. With its water, alcohol, Chian anise, and other ingredients, it has a unique flavor and revolutionizes our senses and emotions.

Every flavor hides secrets; one is the unique Kazanisto ouzo recipe, made with the same love and respect in copper cauldrons in Chios since 1896.

3. Chipuro (Tsipouro)

Chipuro, also known as Tsipouro, is a raisin raki without aniseed. The name of this potent drink, which is a kind of strangled raki and more popular in Northern Greece, means grape pulp in Greek. Produced from the pulp of fresh grapes, it is a solid but tremendous drink with an alcohol content between 38% and 50%, depending on the producer. There are many varieties, but if you find one, buy the “Yellow-Gold” colored one (we loved it).

4. Plomari

Plomari is a high-quality ouzo made with traditional methods using the finest ingredients. It is also one of the most preferred ouzo brands in Greece by Turks. In 1894, Isidoros Arvanitis from Plomari, with his stubborn and perfectionist personality, began a long search for the perfect ouzo recipe. After several trips, he finally found it.

Soft water from the springs of the river Sedountas, Lisvorio aniseed, fennel from Northern Evia, gum extracts from Chios, salt from Kalloni Lesvos, star cinnamon, nutmeg, and various other herbs – the perfect drink of the perfectionist Isidoros Arvanitis of Plomari.

5. Brettos

You may not find Brettos’s brand ouzo in the market (Duty-free and grocery stores). However, Brettos ouzo is another best ouzo produced in Brettos, the oldest distillery in Athens in Athens Plaka. If you visit this distillery, listen to the story of the founder (Mr. Brettos), who came to Izmir, Turkey. You will also love the atmosphere of the place. Try their ouzo and liqueurs with your eyes closed. (Additional Information: Brettos also offers wine tastings).


Pitsiladi is a pleasant, sincere, and aromatic ouzo brand produced by the Pitsiladis family since the 1800s with the motto “Quality is more important than quantity.” Since 1950, Pitsiladi has been on the market with the same label and produced the old-fashioned way, passed down from father to son. Anise and cereal grains are soaked in seawater, never using sugar to speed the distillation, and produced with a secret family recipe. It is what the locals of Lesvos call “the best ouzo.”

7. Ouzo 12

With a rich aroma, Ouzo, which the Kalogiannis family started producing in Istanbul in 1880, moved to Thessaloniki in 1925 with the exchange migration and continued to grow there. Ouzo 12 has been one of the best ouzos since it was first produced in Istanbul in 1880. It uses the double distillation method while remaining faithful to the original recipe.

8. Mini

Mini is an ouzo from Lesbos. Produced by a collective effort since 1889 in the narrow streets of Mytilene and owned by 17 founding families, Mini is one of the softest and smoothest ouzos. 

It is one of Greece’s favorite ouzos, produced in EPOM’s traditional copper distilleries by patiently distilling alcohol and water for hours in a solution of various plants, seeds, and herbs from the island of Lesbos, as well as the famous anise Lisvorio and unique gum.

9. Babatzim No 1

The story of Babatzim No.1 begins in Istanbul in 1875, when Anestis Babatzimopoulos, son of Stavros, started processing grapes from his vineyards in Ortakoy, Silivri, Anestis Babatzimopoulos produced Ouzo in the Balat neighborhood of Istanbul, using the rare aromatic plants that grew in the hills around his village. After settling in Chrysoupoli in Kavala with the population exchange in 1922, he continued to produce the drink until he died in 1937. Babatzim No.1 is still made by the 4th generation of the Babatzimopoulos family, using the old methods handed down from their ancestors in handmade vats. This ouzo is known for its high quality and highly aromatic properties.

So there you have it. Here are the Best Ouzo Brands in Greece… No more wondering which ouzo to buy and try at Duty-Free!

Bon Appetit!

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