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The Best Restaurants in Buyukcekmece, Istanbul

The Greatest Flavors of Istanbul Buyukcekmece

It would not be wrong to say that Büyükcekmece is now Istanbul’s new center of attraction, the new rising address. With its sandy beach along the historic “Albatros Coast,” vibrant social life, and brand new favorite places, it attracts more and more attention every day. The resort of the past is now a brand-new metropolitan district. But it still retains its nostalgic summer atmosphere. There are many places to discover in Buyukcekmece. Many restaurants are opening, among which we can call the best in Istanbul.

Let’s look at the best restaurants in Büyükçekmece, from fish to meatball restaurants, beer gardens to kebab restaurants.

1- Geppetto

Geppetto has been serving in Büyükçekmece for 11 years. Not only does it have a warm and unique atmosphere, but it also offers excellent cocktails and a menu of world cuisine favorites. From snacks to pizzas and healthy “Bowl” options, there is something for every palate. Also, one of the things that makes Geppetto unique is its excellent sushi and sashimi. Their fluffy biscuits are also indispensable to the breakfast menu.

Address: Ataturk Mah. Kordonboyu Cad. Zeki Müren Sok. No:107/A Buyukcekmece/Istanbul
Tel: 02128815465

2- Radler Beer House

Radler is a delightful beer garden with a brand-new concept. It is also a food court.

A large and spacious environment; you can sit comfortably and feel like you went to Oktoberfest in Germany. The menu includes snacks such as stuffed mussels, Belgian fries, toast, wet hamburgers, Izmir, and Istanbul-style kokoreç (kokoretch) and kumpir.

Radler Beer House is one of Turkey’s best and most exemplary beer gardens with its location and “food court” concept. Not only limited to beers, you can also find successful cocktails and spirits on their menu. Enjoying a beer with kokoreç and mussels is a must here.

Address: Ereke Sok. No:2, 34500 Buyukcekmece, Istanbul
Tel: 0212 8815465

3- Balık (Fish) Osman

Balık Osman is one of the oldest and most well-established addresses in Büyükçekmece. With its rich fish appetizers and hot appetizers, it is almost as good as its competitors on the Bosphorus. Click to read the article of the place that we evaluated and wrote in detail at the time.

Address: İskele Cad. No:3 Mimarsinan Mah. Buyukcekmece – Istanbul
Tel: (0212) 883 21 38

4- Buket Pide

Again, one of the best addresses, its pita has so many regulars that there are even people from out of town. Buket Pide is the most popular spot in the district for an assertive Black Sea pita. The pita with roasted meat and cheese is one of the favorites. Apart from pita, you can also try dried beans and meatballs.

Address: Rıza Küçükoğlupaşa Cad. No:44/A, 34500 Buyukcekmece/Istanbul
Tel: 0212 8831112

5- Tarihi (Historic) Büyükçekmece Ekmekiçi Köftecisi

As the name suggests, only meatballs between bread are served. There are no portions; even the meatball between bread does not come with a plate. There is only meatballs. The meatballs are incredibly delicious, with onions and roasted peppers. The secret is that they use meat from the part of the calf close to the bone. It would be best if you tried it.

Address: Kemal Atatürk Cad. No:1051, 34500 Buyukcekmece/Istanbul
Tel: 0531 3116119

6- Trabzon Bakery (Trabzon Fırını)

Another good pita shop in the neighborhood. True to its name, a complete Black Sea pita, Trabzon flavors address. The minced meat pita with egg was our favorite. Afterward, you can crown your feast with a thick Rize tea and Hamsiköy Sütlacı.

Address: Cumhuriyet Mah. Beykent Sanayi Sitesi Meriç Sok. No:170-171 Buyukcekmece
Tel: +90212 8721263

7- Kaburgaci Ziyafettin

They call themselves “the most ambitious “SALAŞ” kebab shop in Western Istanbul.” And they are quite right. Not only the delicious fatty lamb ribs but also the fatty kara, çöpşiş, and lahmacun are pretty successful. They are closed on Mondays. Be sure to brave the rush hour before you go.

Address: E5 London Asfaltı Cad. No:44, Inner Door No:1, 34535 Buyukcekmece – Istanbul
Tel: 05546402045

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