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Where to Eat the Best Almond Macaroon in Skopje, Rigara Slatkarnica, North Macedonia

Those who love almond macaroons love them, and those who don’t like them dislike them. It is very famous in Skopje. And many people love it. This is a classic patisserie that stands out, especially for its macaroon. Its name: Rigara Slatkarnica. (It’s written in Cyrillic on the signboard, but that’s how it’s pronounced).

Authentic almond macaroons and Rococo are now at Akman Pastry Shop in Eyüp. There is nothing else. But the original pastry shop Rigara Slatkarnica in Üsküp also excels and differentiates itself in this cookie. And how, you ask?

We’d like to tell you.

Ladies and gentlemen, the macaroon here contains clotted cream. This gives this cookie a softer texture and a new flavor. Also, since the clotted cream is correct at the junction of the cookies with the appearance of cracked earth, it surprises us by saying “Hello!” directly in the middle.

When you try the other products of this place, which has a lot of cookies and patisserie products in the window, you can understand why this product stands out. God helps, and some venues usually shine with just one product. The acıbadem cookie has also been the engine and even the hallmark of the place. Thus, years have passed, and this patisserie has continued its uninterrupted business since 1969.

So it is almost impossible to pass by without eating. You can only step back a bit because the signboard is in Cyrillic. Don’t step back! Go inside and point with your finger and say, “Give me two of those.”

Our regular followers know that we have explored many places in Skopje. In North Macedonia, there are many delicacies to discover both in the Turkish and Christian neighborhoods where Macedonians live. However, Rigara in the Turkish neighborhood winks at everyone with its almond cookies that you can sit in a cafe and taste with coffee or bury on the go. Moreover, it is very close to where you will eat simit-poğaça.

The Rigara brothers didn’t speak Turkish when we visited, but we still communicated with them using our body language.

With its nostalgic atmosphere, old décor, and standout product, almond cookie, you should include this place in your Skopje itinerary.

If you want to try it, the Trilece of this place is also very successful. They didn’t drown it in sugar like ours.

Hello to the travelers and explorers of North Macedonia.

May your health and joy be abundant.

Price: $

Rigara Slatkarnica
Arhiepiskop Angelarid No:8, Skopje 1000, North Macedonia
Tel: +38923222853

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