What is Pinot Noir?

One of the Best Red Wine Variety

Pinot Noir makes some of the world’s most outstanding wines. A medium-bodied red with perfumed aromas that can also evolve with age. Pinot means “Pine” in French, and Noir means “Black.”

Pinot Noir is also, however, a fickle grape that demands a cool climate, low yields, and great care in the wine yards. Its spiritual home is the Burgundy region of France. But it is also successfully grown in Oregon and New Zealand. Although they rarely reach the same heights, these New World wines tend to be more reliable than their French counterparts.

Pinot Noir is a soft and silky grape variety. Displays summer fruit flavors when young. Oak maturation adds a creamy, vanilla dimension. With age, aromas of game and truffles develop.

Pinot Noir is also used in champagne and other sparkling wines.

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