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Where to Drink Hot Chocolate in Paris? Angelina La Maison, Paris, France

Now, we had drunk hot chocolate before we went to France. But as they say, “The brain becomes a prisoner of what it is used to until it sees the truth,” so was ours. What we drank before was like a Nesquik! Like every other citizen trying to understand Parisian life, we decided to have a brew at Angelina before visiting the Louvre.

Sir, the museum-quality paintings on the walls, the welcoming manners at the entrance, the colorful macarons/pastries inside, and the servers dressed as governesses straight out of the movies (Waiter, by the way, comes from French. It means like a boy, a person who serves. Let’s see if you can complete it in your head. Merci.) And we’re like, “What the hell?!” We’re depressed.

You get the idea. We could only get over the culture shock with a hot chocolate because Angelina La Maison is famous for its fondues and hot chocolate, dear readers!

The color of the place is yellow and red, very dim and very lovely! So, it has all the intimate dynamics for a real Parisienne cafe experience. As some of our attentive readers may have noticed, we left as much yellow as possible in the photos we took. This way, we want you to see and understand what we consume, how we consume it, and under what environmental influences because we are against censorship!

As you visualize the image in your head, keep this in mind. It smells of wood and is stuffy inside—the ideal environment for nostalgia and melancholy. Add the smell of chocolate, and you will have a great memory that you will carry even to the afterlife!

Angelina has a significant place in the history of Paris. Do you know this? The history of a country is embodied by the intersection of the areas of that country and the superior souls passing through those places. Whether you call it Coco ChanelProust, the famous fashion designers of the French aristocracy, or whatever you want to call them, they all hung out here in their time. For example, we, as a prominent member of the Turkish food society, hung out there and wrote our names in gold letters in history. Thank you!

Now, let’s come back to hot chocolate! Could it be such a rich flavor? We drank this ultra-super chocolate in fine fellah mode. Our stomachs, our stomachs! But they didn’t just put the hot chocolate in a glass before us. On the contrary, they encouraged us to pour chocolate from a tiny porcelain serving jug into our glasses. They also gave us cream on a small porcelain plate so that we could add it on top.

In other words, “There is no such thing as five meatballs for three cents. To truly appreciate the flavor of that hot chocolate, you need to complete its allegory, Turkish aghas!

Dear citizens! (Sorry, sometimes I am affected too) There is also a cake here called Mont Blanc, which is mind-blowing. They sell 600 of this cake every day. If they sold 1000 hot chocolates, multiply that by 8 Euros, and you’ll be fine. It’s not a bribe; it’s hard work!

Anyway, France is a city full of culture and art. After soaking up the ambiance at Angelina LaMaison, cross the road and start walking towards the Louvre because the Louvre is a vast palace that will not end with a visit or a rest.

We advise all gourmets, foodies, connoisseurs, good eaters, whatever you call yourself, or whatever you define yourself as, to return to Paris after stopping here. As Montaigne said, “Things eaten with pleasure and joy are most easily digested.

Kiss your soul, Montaigne!

Address: Angelina 226 rue de Rivoli – Paris 1 France
Phone: +330142608200

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