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Where to Eat the Best Cheeseburger Sliders in Jersey City? White Mana Diner, Jersey City, New Jersey

Best Cheeseburger Sliders in Jersey City

Here is a legend: White Mana Diner, one of the best cheeseburger restaurants in Jersey City, New Jersey. An iconic and historical place where you can satisfy your hunger with sliders (hamburgers, cheeseburgers, cheesesteaks, etc.) that are affordable.

When you reach the restaurant, you will notice the “Hamburger” sign mentioning 1946. And as you see the sign, you’ll understand that this restaurant is a unique place with lots and lots of stories.

On a cold December evening, my brother took me to The White Mana Diner, located at 470 Tonnele Ave., Jersey City. It is a historical landmark first seen in the 1939 World’s Fair building. When you enter the White Mana Diner, you can see all the action right in front of your eyes. Just give your order and watch the smashed sizzling burger patties, the jumping white onions, and the melting cheese on the grill. A grill master carefully handles all these.

It was one of the best burger (slider) experiences I’ve ever had. Simple, soft, juicy, and cheesy smashed mini burgers, we’ll visit Jersey City for White Mana Diner‘s sliders again. For sure!

White Mana Diner is a classic American Diner with burger options. I can almost say hamburger patties are developed from little meatballs. You can prefer your burger patty with or without onions. Also, you can ask for more patties inside your burgers. I ordered and ate three juicy double cheeseburgers. (with onions, of course). They were just perfect and cooked as I wanted.

All burgers come with pickles.

The restaurant is one of the top 5 best burger houses in Jersey City, New Jersey.

White Mana Diner is a historical landmark, and only CASH is accepted. I also tried the cheesesteak, but it is not as good as the cheeseburger sliders. Try to enjoy the atmosphere and the fries also.

Bon appetite!

White Mana Diner
470 Tonnele Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07307 USA
Tel: +12019631441

Price: $

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