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Where to Eat the Best Fried Calamari and Shrimp in Athens? Restaurant Scholarhio, Plaka, Athens, Greece

A Traditional Family Restaurant in Athens Where Locals Eat: Restaurant Scholarhio

Let’s say you are in Athens. You want to enjoy a Greek feast away from the noise of tavernas and shirataki in a local yet elite place with seafood. For example, you want fried calamari, fried zucchini, or fried shrimp. And you want to open a small bottle of ouzo with it. Here is Restaurant Scholarhio, located on the slope of the Acropolis gods, but in a not-so-touristy place (in the Plaka area).

It’s a family business. It already says “Traditional Family Restaurant” on the door. Please look at the cute St. Patrick decorated exterior and go up the stairs on the left. There are 3-4 tables inside and 7-8 on the balcony. This place is an Ouzeri. In other words, it falls under a restaurant where ouzo is served.

Every time we come to Athens, if we don’t want to dance, if we don’t want to be noisy, and if we want to get a taste of the Greek Aegean with fried calamari, fried zucchini, and even fried shrimp accompanied by “Greek Salad” and Plomari brand ouzo, this is always our first choice.

In other words, we inevitably became regulars at Restaurant Scholarhio. In addition to the intimacy of the atmosphere, the flavors, and even the prices, this place is a price/performance place. It is also a charming starting point for a gastronomic exploration of Athens.

First comes a Greek salad, Tzasiki (Tzatziki) (if you don’t order it, it’s not a treat), and then your 200ml ouzo and small plates are opened. (By the way, Greece is the basis of the fact that many places in New York serve small plates. The starting point of this service culture is Greece)

Then comes a fried calamari that blows your mind. You could write a poem about it. We’ve eaten in many places, but we’d rank this place in the top three best-fried calamari in our lifetime.

Did you put the particular Aegean calamari with arms and legs in your mouth?

Okay. Now we’re talking!

They also have deep-fried prawns with a special sauce—Crispy and crunchy. As soon as you put them in your mouth, you feel the depths of the Aegean Sea directly in your stomach. Whoa! Now, you can throw a sip of ouzo on top.

Kalimera! Welcome to Athens. What a long time it took you to realize 🙂

Let’s roast zucchini. The presentation, the smell, the texture… Oh my God! If you wish, there is also an eggplant version of the same presentation. Its name is fried eggplant. But we’re always ready for fried zucchini.


Grilled calamari? No. Grilled octopus? No! There is no grilled food here. Even if you ask for fish, it comes fried in oil. So if you go, take this information with you. We don’t want you to complain later that I’m on a ketogenic diet; how can there be no grill? You should go with this awareness and be ready to face the fact that you will eat fried calamari covered in flour.

They have no grilled octopus but an octopus salad with capers in excellent olive oil. It can also break your cravings to some extent.

So what we are saying is that here you can have fried calamari, fried shrimp, fried fish if you have a small one, and Greek salad, tzatziki, and ouzo.

This is our still-life painting.

That’s happiness! That’s endorphins.

Now, in case you do go, when the bill comes in under what you expected, remember to leave a sweet tip for the handsome waiters on behalf of Zeus and all of them, and even on our behalf.

Let us appreciate beautiful things so that beautiful things continue to live.

Peace be upon you.

Note 1: Athenians especially prefer this place. You might not find a seat, especially if you go late on weekends (rush hour, etc.). So, like a tourist, go early.

Restaurant Scholarhio
Tripodon 14, Athina 105 58, Yunanistan

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