Best Souvlaki Restaurants in Athens

The Best Restaurants in Athens to Enjoy Souvlaki

Souvlaki is a street food you can find everywhere in Greece and is quite similar to our shish kebabs. However, it would not be wrong to say that souvlaki is not only a dish but also a reflection of the thousands of years of history and rich culinary culture of Greek cuisine. It is a trendy dish with pork, chicken, and lamb varieties.

Mini and neatly diced meat between soft bread, topped with finely chopped onion, spices, and even sour cream or yogurt. Here is an authentic Greek Souvlaki… So where can we eat the best of this delicacy in Athens?

Here are those addresses.

1. Souvlaki Kostas

Eating souvlaki here is not just a meal break; it’s an homage to the street food of Athens. Souvlaki Kostas has been famous for serving the same flavor since 1965. What sets him apart is that his recipe and suppliers always stay the same. As you step inside the tiny shop, past the long queue, you are welcomed with a cozy and traditional atmosphere that draws you in. With its soft “bazlama” bread, fresh vegetable condiments, and special sauce, it is a feast of flavor.

Address: Filellinon 7, Atina 105 57, Greece
Phone: +302103228502

2. Souvlaki Leivadia

Leivadia is a town in central Athens, near the Attica region, known for its local produce. Souvlaki Leivadia is one of the most popular places for locals and tourists, as it is famous for its excellent processing of these good products. This is the correct address for those who want to experience traditional Greek souvlaki. We tried the chicken and lamb and left the place feeling that we would definitely return. And that’s precisely why we wrote our article “Where to Eat the Best Souvlaki in Athens?” for this very reason.

Address: Kaniggos 2-4, Athens 106 77
Phone: +302103832413

3. Lefteris O Politis

Lefteris o Politis is a famous tavern in the Psiri district of Athens. It continues serving locals and tourists with a menu that has stayed the same for years. The souvlaki here has also been the same for years, prepared with lamb, chicken, or pork, depending on your preference. In taverns like “Lefteris o Politis,” souvlaki is usually served with side dishes such as fresh bread, french fries, local sauces, or salads. Very shabby, very old, but very professional!

Address: Satovriandou 20, Athens 104 32
Phone: +302105225676

4. To Prodorpion

To Prodorpion is the correct address for those who want to eat, like the Romans in Rome and Athenians in Athens. It is the correct address for traditional Greek souvlaki. Known for its quality ingredients and careful preparation processes, “Tο Prodorpion” successfully offers its customers a delicious and satisfying souvlaki experience.

5. O Thanasis

O Thanasis is one of Athens’s most famous souvlaki and kebab shops. Very popular among souvlaki lovers, this place has been in business since 1964. Since then, it has served traditional Greek flavors with a never-ending line out the door. The place is extensive, and the servers, with years of experience, bring your souvlaki to your table in the fastest and friendliest way possible.

Address: Mitropoleos 69, Athens 105 55
Phone: +302103244705

6. Bairaktaris

Bairaktaris is a popular restaurant in Syntagma Square that does justice to souvlaki with flavors that have stayed the same for years. The chicken souvlaki is the most popular. French fries are optional, and on an excellent souvlaki, potatoes are better. Due to the high circulation, it always comes to your table in the freshest form. It will satisfy those who go to Athens to have a good souvlaki.

Adress: 2 Ermou, Syntagma Square St, Athens 105 57
Phone: +302103222190

7. To Kati Allo

“To Kati Allo” is a famous souvlaki shop in the Koukaki neighborhood of Athens. The name means “Something Else” in Greek, and they are known for serving different and creative souvlaki dishes. They are trendy for the size of their portions and for using local produce throughout the menu.

Address: Chatzichristou 12, Athens 117 42, Greece
Phone: +302109223071

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