We Tried Maritozzo For The First Time, But It Didn’t Look Like Anything

We tried the Italian “Maritozzo,” which went viral on social media during the pandemic, for the first time at Hans&Gretel in Athens. But we didn’t like it.

Maritozzo, which has a lot of whipped cream inside (even a little too much) and reminds us of German cake in terms of its appearance, could be personalized in Hans and Gretel. In other words, they take the cake filled with whipped cream and dip it halfway into melted dark chocolate, regular chocolate, and pistachio butter. Then the Maritozzo was taken out of the melted chocolate, topped with other “toppings,” and served.

We also added some dried rose petals to our cake, which we dipped in and out of the warm pistachio butter. But we only liked the pistachio butter.

You can watch our Athens correspondent Ali’s “clear” comments about Maritozzo, which he tried for the first time in front of Hans&Gretel, in our Reels video posted on our Instagram account. Unfortunately, Maritozzo, a global phenomenon, failed and did not get a passing grade from us. We explained why we didn’t like it and the details of why it didn’t get a passing grade from us in the video.

So, we shouldn’t always be fooled by the image, but in this state of the world we have reached, isn’t the image/visual everything?

What do you think about this dessert? We are waiting for you in the comments.

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