Best Schnitzel Restaurants in Vienna, Austria

Schnitzel is the first dish that comes to mind when considering Vienna. In fact, “Wiener SchnitzelVienna Schnitzel” is Austria’s national dish… You can eat schnitzel, made by beating chicken, veal, or pork meat with a wooden or plastic hammer and then frying it with egg and breadcrumbs all over Austria.

Of course, in the capital of Vienna, schnitzel has become an industry. Here is our compilation of the 7 Best Schnitzel Restaurants in Vienna.

Bon appetitt!

1. Figlmuller

When you think of schnitzel in Vienna, the first thing that comes to mind is the legendary schnitzel place, Figlmuller. There is usually a queue at the door… You may be wondering if you should wait to eat a schnitzel. Yes, we don’t think so, either. But it would help if you waited to eat at Figlmuller.

Address: Wollzeile 5, 1010 Wien, Austria
Phone +4315126177

2. Plachutta

We recommend you try the veal schnitzel when you come here. For some reason, some people like the potato salad better… (which is normal)

Address: Wollzeile 38, 1010 Wien, Austria
Phone: +4315121577

3. Lugeck Figlmuller

Lugeck is another restaurant in Wien that serves one of the best schnitzel. We recommend you make a reservation in advance.

Address: Lugeck 4, 1010 Wien, Austria
Phone: +43 1 5125060

4. Amerlingbeisl

In addition to the delicious food, you can go here just for the garden. You can eat your schnitzel and sip your beer in this lovely, peaceful garden. And, of course, that potato salad, oh my!

Address: Stiftgasse 8, 1070 Wien, Austria
Phonel: +4315261660

5. Plachutta Gasthaus Zur Oper

It doesn’t matter if it’s chicken or beef; you can try whatever you want. You won’t regret either. The ambiance is also perfect…

Address: Walfischgasse 5, 1010 Wien, Austria
Phone: +4315122251

6. Restaurant Meissl & Schadn Wien

You can watch your schnitzel being made and learn how to make their famous dessert, Apfelstrudel. Meissl&Schadn is an airy, elegant restaurant with plenty of light and a garden.

Address: Schubertring 10-12, 1010 Wien, Austria
Phone: +43190212

7. Schnitzel Wirt

This is for you if you want your portion to be significant, delicious, and cheaper than elsewhere. This place is the perfect schnitzel place… It’s a people’s place, and the middle class eats here. It was successful… If you have two shots, take one in Figlmuller and the other here.

Enjoy your meal.

Address: Neubaugasse 52, 1070 Wien, Austria
Phone: +4315233771

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