What is Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey?

A Bourbon Legend: Woodford Reserve

The Woodford distillery is officially the oldest standing bourbon distillery in Kentucky (North America) with distillation beginning in 1812 and continuing to this day. In 1833 the distillery took on a young Scottish scientist and master distiller called Dr. James Crow, who grew to be one of the most important figures in the history of American distilling. During his 20 years at Woodford, Crow perfected many methods of production, like the sour mash.

He is often (and rightly) referred to as the ”Father of Bourbon” as the detailed records he kept shaped and defined what we know as the ”straight whiskey”.

Woodford is unique among its competitors as it operates traditional pot skills, originating from Scotland.

Alongside the core range, the distillery continues to evolve, releasing a plethora of interesting releases, including some single malts in the Master’s Collection.

Woodford Reserve

A Complex, spicy bourbon with notes of honey, butterscotch, vanilla ice cream, and a trace of smoke.

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