Where to Drink Homemade Ouzo in Athens? Brettos, Athens, Greece

Athens’ Most Established Ouzo, Cocktail, and Wine Tasting Bar

For Brettos, it’s not enough to say go for ouzo because they make it themselves. Brettos is an extraordinary bar and the oldest distillery in Athens, a must-see when in Athens. It’s more than just a bar.

As soon as you enter, the colorful bottles on the wall feast on colors and history. It’s always the place to be at night. It is a masterpiece with its atmosphere and all its experiences. It is a unique masterpiece you will never forget during your visit to Athens. It is an ambitious place that will make you feel like a fairy tale hero and say, “I’m glad I came to Athens,” just by coming here.

Of course, when I say distillery, they make their ouzo. So you can taste their local ouzo when you go. The ouzo we liked was the most expensive one on the menu. We also ordered a plate of olives (kalamata) and cheese. This is what Brettos is like.

With its old wooden barrels, medicine cabinet-like alcohol cabinets, and colorful backlit bottles reaching up to the ceilings, Brettos is a gem of Athens.

So, who is Brettos, and what is his story?

In 1909, Michael Brettos, born into a family from Izmir, started selling the family tradition of making and selling mastic raki and various liqueurs in the Plaka district of Athens. He later expanded his distilling range to include a broad portfolio of brandies, ouzos, and liqueurs.

Today, Brettos is a must-visit historic venue in the Plaka district of Athens. Not only ouzo, liqueurs and cocktails. They also offer tastings of Greek wine selections daily (ask at the venue for hours and details).

So whether you come for wine, ouzo, brandy, or cocktails, Brettos is the correct address. Every time we visit Athens, the moment we come to Brettos and order our drinks, we know we have arrived in Athens. Coming to Brettos is like declaring that you have officially entered Athens.

You know how some bars make you feel like you “exist”? Brettos is precisely like that.

Even though Brettos is not included in the list of the best cocktail bars in the world (because they produce their drinks), we have already included it in the “Number One Bar of the Hearts” list.


Have a drink for us.

Brettos Bar
Kidathineon 41, Athens 105 58, Greece
Phone: +302103232110

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