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How is Hutong Restaurant? Manhattan, New York

Hutong Restaurant in Manhattan is an art deco style Northern Chinese cuisine franchise. It’s also operated under the same name in London, Miami, and Dubai. Also, it’s a part of Aqua Restaurant Group, a Hong Kong-London-based Asian-origin restaurant investor.

It’s a reservation-recommended fine dining Chinese restaurant located in Midtown Manhattan, New York, at 731 Lexington Avenue.

Hutong in Chinese means a type of narrow street generally associated with northern Chinese cities. So the name Hutong exactly matches its meaning: Northern Chinese Cuisine with narrow isles inside. If you go to Hutong, you’ll experience Northern Chinese food with (almost) the same ambiance.

Hutong restaurant is famous for its Bejing Duck with a twist of a refined dining approach. Its food is exceptional and called “Phenomenal modern Chinese food.” The Bejing duck comes with the thin rice papers (skin-thin wraps) with the whole or the half duck. So you stuff them with cucumbers and julienned scallions. Also, it almost has the same look and taste we had in Vietnam in 2019.

The duck we ordered was perfectly cooked. It was fat and juicy. Also, it fits inside the thin rice wrappers with no bones. The duck’s skin was crunchy on the outside, and it was so juicy inside with its yellow fat hidden under the crunchy brown skin.

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We also ordered dim sums and vegetarian fried rice, which were delicious with the sauces served next to them. Mouthwatering chicken with bamboo shoots in sauce with sesame and the duck meat with lettuce were extraordinary. Shrimp dumplings in pink color were something to die for—the sesame asparagus: Very handsome. We especially liked all the hot sauces that accompanied them.

The opposing argument about this place (from Chinese people) is that you can get far superior food in Chinatown for 1/3 of the price, and you’ll get the actual ceremony in which the duck meat and the duck skin come separately.

However, Hutong, New York, is a beautiful place to eat. It has excellent service and simple yet elegant food. They have high plates with twists on all of them.

By the way, Hutong New York has a dress code: Elegant Casual and Uptown Chick.

The place is LGBTQ friendly.

Hutong, Manhattan, New York
731 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10022
Tel: +12127584800

Price: $$$

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