Where to Drink the Best New Generation Coffee in Athens? Cupaki, Athens, Greece

Oh, Cupaki! You are close to our neighborhood, and we greatly benefited from you and your quality coffee.
You didn’t feel it, but – like a Platonic lover – we enjoyed you.
So, what was quality coffee?

Let’s hear it from us…

It is not such bitter coffee; first, it is quality coffee. It disproves the saying, “A bitter cup of coffee is worth forty years.” It is not Starbucks coffee at all. It is an aromatic coffee with slightly sour notes. It offers you different openings in coffee. The inside of your mouth won’t be like pitch when you finish the cup. Coffee is roasted in the morning and turned into charcoal. Vegans will be angry now, but drinking quality coffee is like eating good meat cooked medium-rare. It is to get the right flavor and floral notes from coffee. It’s a breakthrough that our ancestors couldn’t do but that today’s post-modern people are more than capable of and that they engage in sophisticated conversations about.

Athens’ CupakAthens’ace that made us pause and ponder. So much so that we found ourselves taking a breather in both of its branches in Athens. The presentation, the charm, the boutique-like ambiance of their ‘coffeeshop’ was a sigh” to behold.” We could “not help” but applaud. We even found ourselves saying that we would miss the experience of sipping coffee in this cozy haven.

Cupaki is a relatively new chain coffee shop in Athens, but it’s here to say something about the city’s flat frappe culture and classic coffeehouses. A rebellion against the Athenian gods, a new word for the Athenian people!

Bottom line,

We loved it very, very much and would recommend it to you.

If you come across one of the Cupaki coffee houses in the city, you know there is joy, peace, and coffee that even the gods have never tasted.

Oh, and frappe, of course.

Well, I am done!

Cupaki (multi-branch coffee chain in Athens)
Frinis 9, Athens, 116 34, Greece
Phone: +302107568152

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