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Where to Eat the Best Greek Kebab in Athens? O Thanasis, Athens, Greece

Who says Greeks don’t make kebabs? They sure do. And they have their versions and presentations. Many restaurants in Athens serve Greek-style kebabs. But we will tell you about O Thanasis, one of the best restaurants in the world with its shish kebab. 

So, how is Greek kebab? Let’s discuss it first. Let’s analyze it first.

When you expand the geography on the map and look at it, the cevapi (etymologically meaning kebab) that you see in Northern Macedonia and Serbia, combined with the Turkish presentation of Adana kebab, you get Greek kebab. In other words, the flavor is close to “cevapi,” and the visual is close to the Turkish minced meat kebabs—such a blend. But the Greek interpretation is very delicious.

However, a Greek kebab is less greasy than a Turkish kebab, and its size is a bit shorter than that of a Turkish kebab, but it is still more juicy. Four shish kebabs are served in a single portion. This makes the Greek kebab more filling and robust than the kebabs made in Turkey. 

A typical Greek kebab presentation consists of four minced meat kebabs on pita bread, topped with onions and tomatoes. But O Thanesis also has a version where the kebab is topped with yogurt, tomato paste, and even fried sausage slices. We can call it another version or interpretation of the Turkish Iskender Kebab made with doner kebab. 

Depending on our love for yogurt, we tried both on separate visits (with and without yogurt). We found them both very successful. We especially liked the flavor and elasticity of the minced meat kebab and the fact that the answer meatballs of the Balkans found a different meaning in Greece. 

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The Greeks have blended a kebab and cevapi and found both the most refined and delicious versions. For this, they deserve congratulations and applause. 

We learned that it was Albanians who made the kebab over the fire in O Thanasis. This is another element that adds another dimension to the kebabs. 

O Thanesis is a well-known restaurant in Athens. Apart from the kebab, it is a public restaurant famous for its souvlakis, gyros, and classic Greek appetizers. So you don’t have to eat only kebab, but you should try the eponymous “O Thanasis Kebab.”

The service is speedy, and sitting outside and eating with people is very pleasant. The portion is very filling. When you order a tzatziki and a horiatiki (Greek Salad) with your kebab, you can’t get better than you. (There is also saganaki for those who want it)

We’re talking about a restaurant that offers excellent value for money under any circumstances.

O Thanasis is one of Athens and Greece’s best and most loved restaurants. So definitely put it on your list for your trip to Athens. 

Now, if you’ve had your fill and satisfied your kebab craving, you can head across the square to A for Athens, one of the Best Rooftop Bars in Athens, to sip cocktails with a view of the Acropolis.

Enjoy your meal.

O Thanasis
Address: Mitropoleos 69, Athens 105 55, Greece
Phone: +30 2103244705

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