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Where to Eat the Best Eggs with Pastrami and Soujouk in Athens? Karamanlidika, Athens, Greece

Best Charcuterie Restaurant in Athens

Life doesn’t always allow you to find good food in a good delicatessen. 

Karamanlidika in Athens offers you both.

Think about it; you can even eat pastrami (pastirma) better than in Turkey. If you say soujouk, you also have the best here. They have both regular and excellent spicy ones. They also make scrambled eggs—and baked beans with pastrami. Whatever you want related to charcuterie, according to your preference, it can be a perfect breakfast or a meal…

We usually come here for breakfast every time we visit Athens. It has become a tradition.

However, while you want to see different interpretations of similar flavors in Turkey, you can also drink beer for breakfast here, for example. Or a glass of ouzo can accompany your scrambled eggs, like the old Greek guy at the following table.


You’re in Greece.

Karamanlides means Karamanites. This general name is given to Orthodox Greeks living in Karaman, Turkey. The place’s name, “Karamanlida,” comes from here, meaning “Karamanli – From Karaman.” With this name, they have opened a place in the heart of Athens that represents the Karamanites better than Karaman.

A family who migrated from Karaman to Athens during the population exchange opened a delicatessen where they refined and improved the pastrami-making technique practiced in Cappadocia, Kayseri, and Karaman and added different meats. Today, the delicatessen has a well-deserved reputation. Because all the delicatessen products, which they call handmade and made with traditional methods, are very successful and tasty.

So anyone who says, “I have a pastrami shop in Kayseri or Kastamonu!” should come here and look. He will have a vision. His view of life changes. He will question his work once again.

First of all, a delicatessen is a delicatessen. In other words, cut your salami, bacon, and cheese and go home. However, the deli also has a sit-down, dine-in, and restaurant aspect. There are tables arranged directly around the deli section inside the place and a long courtyard on the way to the restroom with seating.

So what will you eat here?

First, as soon as you sit down at the table, sliced hams with black pepper and diced cheeses, sliced according to the number of people at the table, are left as a treat on a greaseproof paper, with a “Bam!” sound.

Then, sir, in the middle;

  • “Sahanaki Karamanlidiko,” or Karamanli Sahan, scrambled eggs with bacon, sausage, egg, and tomato in the “Constantinople” style.
  • “Karamanlidiko Sudjuk”, that is, eggs with Karaman-style sausage.
  • There are also scrambled eggs with yogurt and egg, which they make with a spicy, sausage-like delicatessen product. We couldn’t remember the name (take a look if you don’t mind).

And final.

Are there other varieties… They even have baked beans with bacon. There are explanations in English on the menu. We continue with the same tradition since we customarily order the above-mentioned dishes. We also ask for a “Charcuterie Platter” to taste Karamanlidika’s favorite meat and cheese selections.

In the end, they serve carrot jam (yes, you heard us right, carrot jam) on a very excellent strained yogurt, which makes your stomach happy and gives you peace of mind.

This dessert is a treat from the Greek Karamanli.

A simple, well-thought-out, super dessert that has become the place’s signature. You will understand what I mean better as you spoon it.

Now, you food lovers!

This article is a tribute to the good. It is giving Caesar what is Caesar’s. The truth is that the rise of a place with a soul and a story, freed from its chains and sanctions, cannot be prevented if it has a little respect and love for what it does.

Evripidou 52, Athens 105 52, Greece
Tel: +302103254184

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