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Where to Have the Best Fish Soup in Marmaris? Liman Restaurant, Omer’in Yeri, Marmaris, Mugla, Turkiye

This is separate from Liman Restaurant in New York, which is famous for its salad. This is a seafood restaurant on the beach in Marmaris, right at the bottom of the sea, selling a wide variety of fish and appetizers, and it is also famous for its fish soup. It is introducing Liman Restaurant, Omer’in Yeri. This fish soup is very well-known.

Of course, if you want to eat fish, sea and farmed fish are also available. But of course, if you get into this fish thing, you know that he wants appetizers with it, and when there are appetizers, he wants raki with it, and so on; you may get bored at the end of the night with an inflated bill at the restaurant you entered to have soup. Although, depending on your capital situation, you might not be bored. Fish restaurants love both the fatty fish and the fatty customers. It’s up to you, of course. Still, you are going to enjoy such a comprehensive feast. In that case, we recommend you make a reservation before you go because many hidden and well-capitalized people like you would like to feast similarly.

Fortunately, we care about the pockets of middle-income people and do not deprive you of this experience. Our advice is to go early and say, “I’ll just have your fish soup; it’s very famous!“. Honor the place. Excite the waiter. Drink only the soup, and don’t be bothered by the appetizers, fish, and calamari. Pay a reasonable price and leave the place in a satisfied state. (Pay the bill and leave a nice tip) It’s that simple.

What happened now?

Let’s go over what we have done. Did you have dinner in a classy place by the sea in Marmaris? You did. Did you sit at Liman Restaurant Ömer’in Yeri? Did you order the most incredible dish on the menu? Let the waves and wind of Marmaris do the rest. (The owner can do some thinking, too.)

But don’t go in the evening just for fish soup; the owners will swear at us, and neither you nor we can bear the consequences in both worlds. A man who doesn’t drink shouldn’t go for fish soup in the evening. (Although we did the opposite of everything we advised you. We drank soup, ate appetizers, ordered calamari, drank raki, and ate fish. Hey there, hey there! It’s interesting how we ended up here to have fish soup).

What did we say?

It is a perfect fish soup with no seasoning, plenty of grains, löp (sea bass) meat, and parsley. Ask the waiter for some oil and red pepper flakes to add color. Then squeeze the lemon, add black pepper and salt to taste, and you’re done.

Three fish fell from the sky, one for you, one for us, and one for Liman Restaurant…

Let’s take a look at it together.

Bon appetit!

Liman Restaurant – Omerin Yeri
Adress: Tepe Mah Yacht Harbor, Barbaros Cd. No 25, 48700 Marmaris/Muğla, Turkey
Tel: +90 252 4126336

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