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Where and What to Eat in Athens, Greece?

The Most Detailed and Up-to-date Athens Food and Drink Guide

We visited Athens three times to create this guide. We revisited the places we visited the first time, and when we finally realized that we had a satisfying inventory of where and what to eat in Athens, we decided to write this Athens food guide. Of course, Athens is dizzying with hip places and hidden Greek delicacies. But we’ve done our homework and compiled the best of Athens for flavor seekers. We will continue to expand this guide as we visit Athens and make more discoveries. (Be sure to check back from time to time.) You can also click on the boxes below the place names to find detailed reviews of the flavors and restaurants.

Here are the most prominent places and flavors of Athens, Greece…

1. Restaurant Scholario

Featured Flavor: Shrimp, fried calamari, fried zucchini and ouzo

A classic Greek family business. You can find traditional Greek flavors in this warm and friendly restaurant at the foot of the Acropolis in Athens. It’s a price-performance restaurant. You can have an excellent calamari or fried shrimp and sip your ouzo with it. For more information about Restaurant Scholario, please click on our article below.

Restaurant Scholarhio
Tripodon 14, Athens 105 58, Greece
Tel: +30 210 3247605

2. Souvlaki Kostas

Featured Flavors: Pork shish souvlaki

Souvlaki is like a separate industry in Greece. The souvlaki culture, which you can think of as a skewered wrap between a tiny round and nail-shaped pita, is quite common in Athens, and there are specialized souvlaki restaurants all over the city. Souvlaki Kostas near Syntagma Square in Athens is the nirvana of this business. If you want an authentic Greek Souvlaki experience, visit Souvlaki Kostas in Athens. For more information about Souvlaki Kostas, please click on our article below.

Souvlaki Kostas
Filellinon 7, Athens 105 57, Greece
Tel: +30 210 3228502

3. Karamanlidika

Featured Flavors: Eggs with bacon, eggs with chili sausage, all delicatessen products, strained yogurt with carrot jam (complimentary)

The story of a family who immigrated from Karaman, Turkey, to Athens continues in Karamanlidika. You can be sure that you will eat very, very good pastrami. All of the delicatessen products are great. You can find a wide variety of delicacies from pastrami eggs to (pachanga pastry) in one of the most prominent delicatessens in Athens. Click on the box below to read our review of Karamanlidika.

Evripidou 52, Athens 105 52, Greece
Tel: +30 210 3254184

4. CHOUREAL – Choux & Profiterole

Featured Flavors: Profiteroles, eclairs

One of the new generation but one of the best dessert shops in Athens. You can’t resist the smell of chocolate and pastry cream emanating from outside and go inside. Choureal makes customizable profiteroles and does it very, very well. You should visit Choureal for the Profiterol 3.0 experience if you love chocolate and profiteroles. You can find our detailed review below.

CHOUREAL – Choux & Profiterole
Ermou 18, Athens 105 63, Greece
Tel: +30 210 3317883

5. Zisis, Fish in a Cone

Featured Flavors: Calamari and anchovies in cones

Zisis is a new-generation fishmonger where you can snack on the most delicious seafood from the Aegean Sea while walking the streets of Athens. We enjoyed it immensely, both the idea and the taste. You can read our detailed article from the link below.

Zisis, Fish in a Cone
Athinaidos 3, Athens 105 63, Greece
Tel: +30 210 3211152

6. Oinomageireio Epirus (est.1898)

Featured Flavors: Tripe soup, trotter soup, fish soup

Athens’ most famous tripe soup restaurant. The traditional family-run restaurant is located right in the heart of the city, on the corner of the meat and fish markets. Oinomageireio Epirus, a good artisan restaurant, is a favorite for tourists and Athenians. It is a must-visit restaurant for those who love offal. You can find our detailed review below.

Oinomageireio Epirus (est.1898)
Filopimenos 4, Athens 105 51, Greece
Tel: +30 210 3240773

7. Creme Royale

Featured Flavors: Spinach Fritters, Bougatsa

Creme Royale is the correct address if you want to eat the best spinach pastry in Athens (Spanakopita) and the most traditional Greek pastry (Bougatsa) with custard and powdered sugar. Whether for breakfast or a snack, this is an address you will never regret. You can find our detailed review of the place below.

Creme Royale 
Adres: Athinas 37, Athina 105 54, Yunanistan
Tel: +30 210 3211370

8. The Bar in Front of the Bar

Featured flavors: A rotating selection of cocktails from the award-winning bar.

A walk-up cocktail bar that captures the spirit of Athens at its best and hides the original Rumble in the Jungle, a speakeasy cocktail bar. Don’t leave Athens without a cocktail here. The Bar in Front of the Bar renews its cocktail menu every evening after 18:00. Mixologists work at the highest levels of cocktail science.

The Bar in Front of the Bar
Petraki 1, Athens 105 63, Greece
Tel: +30 211 7352018

9. Souvlaki Leivadia

Featured Flavors: Pork shish souvlaki, draft Alpa beer

Athens is a souvlaki lovers’ paradise. We have previously pointed out where to eat souvlaki on the go between pita bread. Here is Souvlaki in Leivadia, a restaurant that has become a symbol for Athenians and has served since 1965. Moreover, you can eat your souvlaki served on a plate and sit down here.

Souvlaki Leivadia
Kaniggos 2-4, Athens 106 77, Greece
Tel: +30 210 3832413

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