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Where to Eat the Best Pizza in Florence? O Munaciello, Florence, Italy

We went, we ate, and we came back. Of course, we took our notes well. We also ate the king of pizza in Florence through our Italian friends who are fond of the throat.

But the mishap was that our camera fell down the stairs in the Boboli gardens and broke, so we couldn’t take a photo of the pizza we wanted to show you. That’s why the photos for this post were added to the blog precisely two years later, at the end of our second visit to Florence. So, the story is complete. We enjoyed this delicious pizza and place for the second time. After a few days of trying to find the best pizzeria in the city center, our Italian friend Mario took us to an authentic Neapolitan pizza place on the other side of the“Arno” river that divides the city in two. The name: “Munaciello“.

It turned out that the pizzas we had eaten before this place were categorized as “Touristic Pizza.” That’s okay; touristic pizzas are still better than our pizzerias in terms of preparation and freshness of the ingredients. But the “Munaciello” pizza was different. Mario told us that the main thing that makes a pizza pizza is the dough, and the ingredients are used fresh everywhere. Meanwhile, he pressed his fork on my pizza crust at Munaciello. The crust “fizzled” and deflated, and it was back to its original shape within a second. Mario winked and said, “The secret is in the doughIf the crust has this consistency, it’s a good pizza.

In Italy, all pizzas are cooked in wood-fired ovens, similar to our lahmacun ovens. The pizza dough is rolled out by hand and is thin. The ingredients are very fresh and served neither overcooked nor undercooked. On my first visit to Munaciello, I had “4 Seasons – Quattro stagioni pizza“. The pizza dough was divided into four equal pieces, each filled with a different topping. I still can’t get over the flavor fluctuations in my brain caused by the artichoke on one piece and the boiled potato on the other.

Before coming to Italy, I thought I would get tired of eating pizza, but I returned without getting enough of it, even though I ate it every day.

If you go to Florence, do not return without stopping by Munaciello. But could you make a reservation before you go?

You will also love the decoration of the restaurant.

O Munaciello
Via Maffia, 31r, 50125 Florence, FI, Italy
Phone: +39 055287198

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