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Where to Eat The Best Tiramisu in Florence? Caffé Gilli, Florence, Italy

If we will have a multi-layered dessertTiramisu is undoubtedly our favorite. But if we have a proper Tiramisu with mascarpone cheese, cocoa, and rum, we want it to be the one at Gillian Florence. The cat’s tongue in Tiramisu (in English: lady fingers – ours is a better analogy) and all that jazz is about the sweet chef and the atmosphere at Gilli.

We have never had Tiramisu like this before, friends. Whoever goes and eats it will come back praying for us. But first, let’s take a look at what Tiramisu means. It translates from Italian to English as “Pick me up.”

So, “Pick me up!“.

Anyway, sir, back to Gilli. Founded in 1733, Gilli is one of Florence’s most famous and oldest patisseries. Its Murano chandeliers, frescoes on the ceiling, and a hundred-year-old clock in the tea room take you into an atmosphere between Florence’s Renaissance and Art Nouveau. Whatever you eat in this atmosphere will go down well, and it is possible to come across the faces of Hollywood celebrities sipping coffee and lemonade on the tables thrown on Piazza Vittorio (Vittorio Square).

Tiramisu is our favorite at Gilli, but you can try a wide variety of desserts other than Tiramisu. At Gilli, which also produces chocolate, you can enjoy fruit chocolates, hot chocolates, pralines, Sacher tortes, and Sacher tortes accompanied by foamy cappuccinos or espressos.

We confess. Egg yolks, cocoa, cat’s tongue, liqueur, mascarpone cheese, and sugar could only create such a beautiful dessert. All hail the Venetian master who invented Tiramisu, but we still think that Cheesecake is the ancestor of Tiramisu.

However, we recommend that everyone who goes to Florence stop by Gilli. Only come back with Tiramisu.

Caffé Gilli
Address: Via Roma 1r, Florence, Italy
Phone: +39055213896

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