Best Doner Kebab Shops in Berlin, Germany

Best Gemuse Kebab in Berlin

We realized that we have a lot of expatriate viewers; we decided to make lists and compilations in the cities of the countries they live in so that they can benefit from them whenever they need them. Of course, our first keyword for this was “doner.” Doner Kebab is the lifeblood of the Turkish people; it is indispensable. However, just like how each person eats yogurt is different, so is the doner of each doner master.

That being the case, how doner shops in Germany serve doners and the portions differ. First of all, there is a lot of meat in it. In other words, it isn’t easy to taste the meat due to the dominance of the ingredients. It’s more like a kumpir. But still, it’s done. Those who prefer a more gourmet doner can ask for a double portion and relax. But then it’s not Gemuse kebab.

Yes, it doesn’t taste like the meat in another country, but please pay attention to your area’s doner and doner shops. Every food has different interpretations in different countries. Gemuse kebab is also good in its place 🙂

Here are the Best Doner Kebab Shops in Berlin, Germany;

1. Mustafa Gemuse Kebab

The famous doner kebab shop in Berlin has long lines like train queues in front of it. It’s a legend. Not only Turks but also Germans love Mustafa’s doner kebab. He sells it in his street cart and makes people lick their fingers. Open until midnight. For 5 Euros, you can have a wrap + buttermilk.

Address: Mehringdamm 32-34 Berlin – Germany

2. Ruya Gemuse Kebab

Similarly, Ruya is where you can eat a doner kebab between bread or wraps after a long wait. You wait for at least 20 minutes. But people who have eaten doner kebab here say it is worth the wait. The place stands out with its chicken doner and is known as the best doner shop around Schöneberg.

Address: Haupstr. 133 Berlin – Germany

3. Nur Gemuse Kebab

Again, we are talking about a fast snack street cart. Nur Gemuse Kebab’s claim to fame is that it has more than ten sauces. They also put fries on the doner kebab. So it’s a bit more contemporary and falafel. But it’s trendy in Berlin…

Address Hermannstr. 113 (auf der S-Bahnbrucke) 12051 Berlin – Germany
Phone: +49 15785098066

4. Hisar Fresh Food

Hisar Fresh Food is a place that stands out with its trendy decoration. Still, its location could be better. This place is the first choice, especially for local Turks who crave a doner kebab. There is also falafel on the menu.

Address: Yorckstr. 49 10965 Berlin – Germany
Phone: +49 302165125

5. Imren Grill

Imren, which stands out with its kebabs, grills, Turkish dishes, Kelle, and Paça soup, as well as its doner, is preferred mainly by families and is a bit more expensive than other doner restaurants but still affordable. At least you can eat meat doners with a presentation and flavor closer to the ones in Turkey. It is open until 02:00 at midnight.

Address: Boppstr. 10 (Kottbusser Damm) 10967 Berlin – Germany
Phone: +49 3043027868

6. Kottiwood

Undoubtedly the wittiest doner shop in Berlin. The star is, of course, Chicken Doner. And a lot of noodles in it. For 2.5 euros, you can fill your belly with a doner wrap. Moreover, this place is open until 04:00 midnight.

Address: Reichenberger Str. 175 10999 Berlin – Germany
Phone: +49 15770754016

7. K’UPS Gemuse Kebab

This is the döner kebab shop that is claimed to be the closest to Mustafa’s Gemus. Everyone praises the chicken doner kebab. At the same time, some people say they get better service and taste without having to wait half an hour in the queue in front of Mustafa’s. Open until 01:00 at midnight.

Address: Kastanienallee 102 10435 Berlin – Germany

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