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How is Astro Restaurant? Manhattan, New York City

A Classic American Diner Since 1980

We visited Astro Restaurant and found a classic American Diner in Manhattan, New York, operating since 1980. Green seats and the wood interior are something to remember. The service was prompt, and as a usual diner, you can find varieties of food here. From breakfast to lunch and dinner and so…

We were there for lunch, and we ordered two pastrami sandwiches, and they were OK; however, the meat cuts were just cold charcuteries and nothing more, but it was still tasty. But you should not expect a Katz’s Pastrami, of course. The coffee was OK. Pickles, coleslaw, and sauces are yummy. The atmosphere was friendly and warm. It was an ultimate American Diner experience to remember.

Astro Restaurant
1361 6th Ave, New York, NY 10019
Tel: +12124896284

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