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Athens’ Award-Winning “World’s Best Bars”

In recent years, Athens has gained global recognition for its gastronomic richness, attracting tourists from all over. This recognition is not just for its unique cuisine and successful service but also for its bars. With their original recipes and talented bartenders, these bars have notched up an impressive feat-five of them have been named among the world’s best bars.

Here are Athens’ award-winning bars that have made it to the “World’s Best Bars” and some delicious tips to help you get there…

1. Line

The Line is worth a flight to Athens because the signature cocktails and the food menu are just as successful. It ranks 12th among the “50 Best Bars in the World“. When you enter the place from the outside, you don’t expect such an environment, but you are welcomed by an authentic and lively atmosphere with high ceilings. The philosophy of sustainability and zero waste is fully reflected in the menu. They offer an elaborate selection of cocktails, great snacks, a decadent brunch, and their wines, which have pomegranate, smoky, rosé, and tomato flavors, at all hours of the day.

Line Bar Athens makes everything from scratch: beer to fruit, wine, cheese, and bread. With this in mind, the classic Negroni made with vermouth made from pomegranate wine is an eye-catching cocktail. Bon appetit to those who try it…

Address: Agathodemonos 37, Orestou 1, 118 53 Athens
Phone: +302117507185

2. Baba Au Rum

Baba Au Rum invites you to enjoy one of the four hundred rums behind its eye-catching bar. It specializes in rum-based drinks. The variety is plentiful, and the service is fast and friendly. The aesthetic object details that complement the modernist decor give you a different pleasure while sipping your cocktail. It’s hard to find a seat in the evenings, but if you’re prepared to wait a bit, Baba Au Rum will not make you regret it.

The cute menu presentation in a small booklet enlightens you about the cocktail ingredients. Try the “Style It Takes” that the owner, Thanos Prunarus, made world famous with his own hands. The balanced harmony of cherry rum and Metaxa is a palate-pleaser.

Baba Au Rum is ranked 25th among the 50 best bars in the world.

Address: Klitiou 6, Athens 105 60
Phone: +302117109140

3. The Clumsies

Again, it is a delightful address that deserves its reputation and stands out with the selected flavors added to the bar menu. Its tasteful architecture and friendly and experienced bartenders draw you in as soon as you enter. The Clumsies’ “cheers” detail on the napkins, written in many different languages, is a product of good taste and has inspired many bars. We recommend you try all their cocktails, which offer different twists on the classics.

The Clumsies ranks 47th among the 50 best bars in the world.

Address: Praxitelous 30, Athens, 105 61
Phone: +302103232682

4. The Bar in Front of the Bar

The Bar respects the spirit of Athens most sincerely. You will find different cocktails every time you come here because every day after 18:00, a new menu welcomes you.

They do a great job in a lively street in the hustle and bustle of Athens’ busy city life. They are praised for their signature cocktails, which are small and concise, as well as world-class cocktails. Try the Negroni and Margarita with The Bar in Front of the Bar’s interpretation of uBar. The Bar in Front of the Bar is a speakeasy bar and a street version of another speakeasy bar. Yet it is the one that ranks among the 100 best bars in the world! It is ranked 98th among the 100 best cocktail bars.

Are you curious to know more about this intriguing Bar? Bard is on for our in-depth review based on our personal experience during our visit to Athens.

The Bar of the Front of the Bar

Address: Petraki 1, Athens 105 63
Phone: +302117352018

5. Barro Negro

They create a wide range of mezcal and tequila-based cocktails in a modern atmosphere. The loud music and tasteful décor that pervades the place is mesmerizing. Another detail that makes the place as famous as its cocktails is its snacks with dried bananas and pistachios… For a cocktail, try the tequila-based Nayarit Lowball… Fruit and sweet-sour flavors are dominant and quite balanced.

It is ranked 70th among the 100 best bars in the world!

We like it. Yamas!

Address: Ioannou Paparrigopoulou 15, Athens 105 61
Phone: +302100107618

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