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Where to Eat the Best Spinach Fritters (Spanakopita) in Athens? Creme Royale, Athens, Greece

Sometimes, you crave pastry. No matter where you are in the world. You know, it’s a terrible craving. But not the kind of pastry made from scratch, but the hand-rolled kind. A pastry that drips with quality from all its ingredients, a pastry that makes you say, “Oh, how good I did to eat this pastry” at the first bite. This pastry is available at Creme Royale in Athens, Greece.

If you go, you will understand what we mean very well.

Cross the street when you leave the meat/fish market (Varvakeios) in the center of Athens. If you remember, we wrote about where to have tripe soup in Varvakeios. Yes, as you walk towards the square leading to the Acropolis, Creme Royale welcomes you with its modern façade and the smell of delicious dough with plain butter coming from inside.

First of all, you can see how the pastries are made from the window that faces outside. This shows how accurately and cleanly they do this job with the open kitchen concept and attracts attention. The most prominent flavor of the place is “Bougatsa,” the famous Greek pastry with custard. Of course, it is a sweet pastry because it has custard. It is eaten with powdered sugar on top. It may not appeal to all tastes but is a traditional Greek breakfast or snack.

What is Bougatsa?

Although most people come here to eat “Bougatsa” with its traditional recipe, we opted for a savory option for breakfast. This is a spinach pie called Spanakopita in Greece. But as we mentioned above, this is no ordinary pastry. This hand-rolled pastry is crispy on top, soft inside, and filled with spinach and feta cheese.

And that means this. Get ready for an extraordinarily delicious pastry experience.

Bougatsa – Creme Royale, Athens, Greece

If there are two of you, we recommend you order a portion of each and try them both. It will be more than enough for breakfast.

Yes, friends. You can’t come to Athens and not have spinach pie (spanakopita) and Greek pastry (bougatsa) with custard and powdered sugar. Of course, Athens is full of flavor. That’s why we prepared our comprehensive “Where and What to Eat in Athens” guide.

And we claim. No one has ever described the most prominent flavors of Athens better than we have.

Now. You can find spanakopita everywhere in Greece. However, Creme Royale‘s spinach pastry is faithful to the traditional recipe. As such, it is a masterpiece. You’re eating one of the best fritters in Athens and one of the best fritters in the world, all wrapped up in spinach, hand-rolled dough, and feta cheese. After your first bite, you will want to return daily and have this Spanakopita for breakfast. It is that ambitious.

As you can understand, Creme Royale is a preferred breakfast place in Athens. But there is no place to sit inside. You can eat your pastry outside at the bistro-style tables and continue with your coffee. Both the spinach pastries and bougatsas are served hot. The portions are enormous.


Creme Royale, Athens
Address: Athinas 37, Athens, 105 54, Greece
Tel: +302103211370

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