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Types Of Sushi

Sushi has become extremely popular in the Western world, and in these two graphics, we can see a simplified timeline of its development. Of late, the growing demand for sushi in the west and the development of ”fusion cuisine” have led to more creative and unusual ways of preparing it. Omakase, which means ”leaving it up to the chef to serve as he or she sees fit”, will usually result in an unexpected array of sushi combinations and surprising flavors that do not necessarily follow tradition.

Here are the types of sushi as we know so far…


Sliced, raw, and fresh. Usually, beautifully served on top of shredded daikon and shisho leaves.


Rolls on rolls on rolls… 4 Types of Makizsushi are hosomaki, futomaki, temaki, and uramaki (inside out rolls)


URAMAKI (inside-out rolls)

Nigiri (Hand Pressed)

Generally served in pairs.


Gunkan Maki

”Gunkan” means battleship. You can say it is a hybrid of nigiri and makizushi!

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