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Where to Eat the Best Handroll Sushi in Manhattan, New York, KazuNori Hand Roll Bar

KazuNori: The Original Hand Roll Bar

KazuNori is a phenomenal Japanese Restaurant. Owned by the famous sushi chef; Kazunori Nozawa. It a is sushi bar/restaurant that services you rolled sushi sets right in front of your eyes. Think of it as if you are eating sushi as a wrap. Wrap that is rolled in nori. (Seaweed) The hand rolls are made fresh and handed right to you by the chef. But the chef doesn’t roll the nori too tight as they usually do in sushi restaurants, thus he wraps it loose. So you get the sense that you are eating Japanese comfort food in a post-modern atmosphere.

The ingredients are carefully picked. Rice cookers are like Ferraris. (Kazu Nori mentions this on their website several times) Nori (Seaweeds) are gathered from Tokyo. 

We ordered 5 Hand Roll Set Menu for $28. You can pick a set menu or order one by one. 

  • Toro Hand Roll
  • Yellowtail* Hand Roll
  • Bay Scallop Hand Roll
  • Crab Hand Roll
  • Lobster Hand Roll

They were all so delicious and in perfect combination. Hand Rolls are rolled with warm rice, crunchy seaweed, and the main ingredient fish. But all the fishes are somehow in spreadable (pate) condition here. 

As a drink; I suggest you try Mexican Coke which still uses real sugar from sugar canes instead of using glucose syrup. Tastes different. 

KazuNori means it all; Kazu means “Soften, Harmony, Peace, Japanese Style” and Nori means “Ceremony, Rites, Law, Rule”.  

The rest of the ritual is the same as eating in a sushi restaurant; ginger pickle, wasabi, and soy sauce (less salty)…

If you go late you’ll be waiting in the line for 1 or 2 hours. 


Kazunori: The Original Handroll Bar
15 W 28th St, New York, NY 10001
Tel: +13475945940

Price: $$

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