The Best Taverns in Kadikoy, Istanbul

The Best Taverns in Kadikoy, the Taverns Paradise of Istanbul’s Anatolian Side

You go to the tavern to laugh and cry. Most of all, to share. Time, love, conversation. You go with friends and loved ones; the conversation must envelop you. If music is essential to you, you go to the old taverns to wipe the rust from your ears. If you need to hear something lively, cheerful, and close to the present, you can go to more modern taverns and have a good time. Anyway, emotions in the tavern are changeable; one moment, you will be cheerful, and the past will come to life.

Kadıkoy is one of the most comfortable places for taverns and drinks because of its central location, easy transportation, and variety of taverns. For this reason, it is a well-known fact that its streets come to life on the weekend.

We traveled through the unique streets of Kadikoy for you and took a look at the best taverns in Kadikoy. Here are the best taverns in Kadikoy for those who want a pleasant experience alone or with friends.

We have expanded and updated our article on the best taverns in Kadikoy, one of our most-read lists, in 2023, and we will continue to update it continuously from now on. We kindly ask you to let us know your recommendations for newly opened taverns.

1. Ala Kadikoy

Âlâ Kadikoy Meyhane is one of the most well-known taverns in Kadikoy. This recognition is not a coincidence, of course. Âlâ Kadikoy Meyhane offers a pleasant tavern experience with the attention of the staff, the speed of service, and a wide variety of delicious appetizers and dishes. The place has four floors. It has a lovely, pleasant terrace. You can enjoy the city view on the terrace or spend a pleasant time with your loved ones in the atmosphere of Kadikoy streets downstairs. The flavors of Âlâ Kadikoy Meyhane are based on Greek cuisine, Cunda and Greek cuisine. Among the prominent flavors are stuffed anchovy, sea bass bagel, village cheese in a casserole, Cretan pastry, Cretan-style toric, Alâ Lokum, Spanish mezze, topik, and flavor ball. There is also a live music performance every Wednesday.

Address: Caferaga, Yasa Cd. 58/A, 34734 Kadikoy/Istanbul
Tel: 0216 541 01 11

2. Çıkmaz Meyhane

Another alternative for those looking for the old tavern culture in Kadikoy is Çıkmaz Meyhane. With a shabby, cozy and spacious atmosphere, the music is calm and beautiful at Çıkmaz Meyhane. Çıkmaz Meyhane is a tavern that focuses on offal as a cuisine, and is definitely a must-try for those looking for different flavors and offal lovers. Head cold cuts, brains, kokorec on a bed of hummus, hummus with bacon, leaf liver, celery with olive oil, kopoglu, Girit pate are among the prominent flavors of Çıkmaz Meyhane.

Address: Osmanaga, Mimar Cik D:4/A, 34714 Kadikoy/Istanbul
Tel: 0533 651 66 01

3. Güneşin Sofrası Meyhane

Güneşin Sofrası Meyhane is one of the most popular taverns in Kadikoy, where you can feel like you are in a Greek tavern and not in Istanbul for a moment. Located in a part of the Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center, we recommend enjoying its large garden in good weather.

Güneşin Sofrası Meyhane draws inspiration for its flavors from Aegean and Anatolian cuisine. They carefully prepare a variety of appetizers and main courses for your table. The only thing left to do is to feast at a festive tavern table.

Among their most popular dishes are shrimp in stew, hummus with bacon, Cretan pate, bougainvillea, sea bass marin, and topik.

Address: Osmanaga, Nihal Sk. No:4, 34714 Kadikoy/Istanbul
Tel: 0216 418 53 51

4. Ahh Istanbul

Ahh Istanbul is one of the taverns where you can have a pleasant time with your loved ones, and a unique view of Kadikoy accompanies it. Ahh Istanbul, which is close to the Kadikoy harbor, has live music for weekends.

Among the prominent flavors of Ahh Istanbul are shrimp in butter, mushroom casserole, leaf liver, orange celery, and sea bass.

Address: Caferaga, Misbah Muayyeş Sk. No:9 Kat:3, 34710 Kadıköy/Istanbul
Tel: 0507 684 42 22

5. Agapia Tavern

Agapia, which has been the most known tavern of the bar street for years, is one of the most preferred taverns with its historical atmosphere. Friendly service, good music, delicious appetizers and drinks. What else could one want from a tavern? Agapia has it all.

Agapia Meyhanesi’s popular dishes include sea bass marinade with mustard, pachanga, olive piyazi, Cretan pate, stuffed leaves, potatoes with mustard and Greek chicken.

Address: Caferaga, Kadife Sk. No:29, 34710 Kadıköy/Istanbul
Tel: 0216 347 85 96

6. Yeni Meyhane

Yeni Meyhane is another delightful, shabby, and historic tavern located in the historical mansions of Kadikoy. You can find the best appetizers of Kadikoy in terms of price/performance at Yeni Meyhane.

Especially in nice weather, you can have a pleasant time with your loved ones in the garden, listening to well-chosen music suitable for the environment.

Among the popular tastes of Yeni Meyhane, liver, Cretan pate, artichoke hearts, shrimp casserole, and köpoğlu stand out.

Address: Osmanaga Mah., Osmancik Sk. No:7 D: 1, 34714 Kadikoy
Tel: 0216 345 79 38

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7. Memleket Meyhanesi

Opened by the founders of Güneşin Sofrası, Memleket Meyhanesi is another famous tavern in Kadıkoy. Memleket Meyhanesi has a spacious, warm atmosphere, fast and attentive service, and delicious appetizers. Leaf liver, calamari, artichoke with orange, sea bass in vine leaves, and roasted roast beef in stew are among the prominent tastes of Memleket Meyhanesi.

Address: Osmanaga, Suleyman Pasa Sk. No:21, 34714 Kadikoy/Istanbul
Tel: 0216 449 56 76

8. Piraye Taş Plak Meyhanesi

Piraye Taş Plak Meyhanesi is a must on the list of the best taverns in Kadikoy. Apart from everything else, even listening to songs from the original gramophone while sipping your raki is a reason to choose Piraye Taş Plak Meyhanesi. Offering the best examples of Aegean and Greek appetizers, Piraye Taş Plak Meyhanesi’s flavors from its kitchen include leaf liver on remitted, roasted Cretan roast, roasted eggplant appetizer Papagannis, sage meze Adalı, octopus salad, sea bass marinade with basil, zucchini trauma, anchovies with olives, Cretan pate, rock grove, pepper borane and çiroz with sauce.

Address: Osmanaga Mahallesi, Serasker Cad. Mimar Cikmazi No:8/A, 34714 Kadikoy/Istanbul
Tel: 0216 330 57 52

9. Fatoş’un Meyhanesi

Fatoş’un Meyhanesi is a success story in itself. Running a tavern as a woman, and especially doing it alone and without any staff, is a success story.

The place is small, warm and cozy. The cold homemade appetizers are delicious. There is no menu; every day, Mrs. Fatoş determines and cooks the dishes herself. We recommend Fatoş’un Meyhanesi for those who want to have a tavern experience in a family atmosphere with the taste of a mother’s hand.

Address: Osmanaga, Ziya Bey Sk. 8/A, 34714 Kadıkoy/Istanbul
Tel: 0533 355 75 70

10. Sarnıç Meyhane

Located in a historical Greek building, Sarnıç Meyhane offers its customers appetizers and dishes inspired by Aegean and Greek cuisine. It also provides accommodation in the hotel section for customers who wish. The place is spacious and beautiful in general.

Mediterranean pate, hot atom, sea bass with avocado, rock grove, and sea beans are among the prominent tastes of Sarnıç Meyhane.

Address: Caferaga, Dumlupınar Sk. No:12, 34710 Kadikoy/Istanbul
Tel: 0216 405 15 76

11. Şiraz

Located on Sarraf Ali Street on Moda Street, Şiraz offers its customers a different tavern experience with unique appetizers and innovative styles. Şiraz, one example of the new generation tavern culture that has increased recently, is a small, simple, elegant, minimalist modern tavern. Every product, such as tables, plates, and glasses, is carefully selected.

Şiraz, which comes to life in the unique atmosphere and diversity of Kadikoy, prepares the flavors from its kitchen in the same diversity. Leaf liver, mushroom kokorec, atom, muhammara, topic, lamb ribs, and your potato are among the most popular flavors of Şiraz.

Address: Caferaga, Sarraf Ali Sk. 7A, 34710 Kadıköy/Istanbul
Tel: 0506 302 81 88

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