What Did the World’s Longest Living Man Eat?

Zaro Agha with 157 Years of Life!

Zaro Agha is from Bitlis. We are talking about a life span of 157 years. When Zaro Aga was born in 1777, the French Revolution, let alone the constitutional monarchy, had not yet happened, the kingdoms had not fallen, and there was no mention of a republic. Zaro Aga has overthrown ten sultans, married 29 times, does not know the number of his grandchildren and children, and, according to some sources, is the longest-living person in the world. So what could be the formula for living 157 years?

If we look at Mevlüt Çelebi’s book “The World’s Longest Living Man: Zaro Aga (1777 – 1934),” published by Libra Publishing in 2012, Zaro Aga teaches us important lessons from his lifelong healthy life.

Zaro Aga, who lived in a modest house in Beyoğlu, Istanbul, always had dinner early in the evening. Dinner was usually just ayran or yoghurt and bread as an accompaniment. It was learned that Zaro Aga had maintained this habit for 100 years. At every opportunity, he told everyone around him that yogurt was the secret of his youth and health. It is known that he had never visited a doctor. It is also known that our Agha, whose fame extended to America, worked in circuses in the new continent with his old body. He is featured on stage as “the oldest man in the world.”

Adding to a life spent on yogurt and bread, Zaro Agha’s story is a testament to the power of ‘always working’. Despite his age, he continued to work in circuses until his last years, showcasing his resilience and determination. His cause of death in 1934 was an enlarged heart and chronic tuberculosis in his lungs, a testament to his active and vibrant life.

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