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Where to Eat the Best Testi Kebab in Cappadocia? Millocal Restaurant, Uchisar, Nevsehir

We know that it is hard to find decent food in Cappadocia. In fact, during our visits to Cappadocia in recent years, we came back amazed that we could not find good examples of even the most familiar flavors (döner, meatballs, etc.).

During the ten days we stayed here on our last visit, there were even some people who claimed that there was no cuisine here, that it was forced, and that the work we did during our stay was in vain.

But wine, hot air balloons, enchanted fairy chimneys and testi kebab are the main words that define Cappadocia, even though Kayseri is right next door. So we thought we’d start by finding the best jug kebab in terms of flavor, because if you’ve come this far, you can’t go back without breaking two pots.

Accordingly, we tried testi kebab in many restaurants in Cappadocia and tracked down the best testi kebab. However, the only one that we liked the best and the one that we wanted to dip in the water over and over again was Millocal Restaurant. And here’s why: It is prepared with a simpler recipe than in other restaurants, refined, unadulterated and based on preference (mutton, beef).

While other restaurants usually add tomatoes, peppers, etc. to the testi kebab in addition to meat, Millocal Restaurant has the most refined example of testi kebab in terms of flavor with only cubed meat, shallots, garlic and salt.

The first symbolic value of the visual allegory is the breaking of the head of the pot with its mouth plastered with mud and baked in the oven at your table, and the second symbolic value is the “Cossss” sound made by the juices of the meat pouring out of the broken jug into the hot stew dish served hot in front of you.

Well, while its appearance is so beautiful, the flavor of the jug kebab cooked only with the meat’s own juice without seeing tomatoes and peppers in the jug is another thing. For this reason alone, the kebab at Millocal Restaurant ranks first in our minds.

If you’ve had testi kebab in Cappadocia before, you should definitely try this place, but if you’re trying it for the first time, make sure you head here as the first address to eat Testi Kebab.

What do they say? Break a jug instead of breaking a heart. You will both break the evil eye and fill your belly.

Bon appetit to everyone who has already gone. If you go, send our greetings, who knows, maybe you will be one of those who are treated.

Peace be upon you!

Millocal Restaurant
Millstone Cave Suits – Tekelli Mahallesi. Divan Sokak No 20. Uchisar – Nevsehir
Tel: (0384) 219 22 88

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