What is Syrah / Shiraz?

Syrah, a red wine grape variety

In France, the grape is known as Syrah, and it yields the full-bodied, perfumed, and age-worthy red wines of the Northern Rhône.

Syrah is also increasingly grown in Southern France, where it is usually found in blends. Known mostly as Shiraz in the New World, this same grape is responsible for some of the most profound and desirable wines in Australia, particularly from the Barossa and Hunter valleys and McLaren Vale. Here, the warner climate makes for an altogether riper and more powerful, blockbuster-style wine.

Shiraz is also blended with Cabernet Sauvignon in more everyday wines across Australia. Outside France and Australia, both “Syrah” and “Shiraz” can be seen on labels—the choice of grape name giving an indication of style.

Syrah is a powerful & spicy red grape.

French Syrah is deep-colored and full-bodied with flavors of black fruits, pepper, and burned rubber. Australian Shiraz is a riper and more intense style of wine.

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