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Where to Eat the Best Tripe Soup in Afyon? Nur Lokantasi, Afyonkarahisar, Turkey

We mean it! It’s one of the best of the best tripe soup that you can eat in Turkey. If we can make a list of ten, this place will be in the top five. That’s because it’s marinated with Afyon’s famous buffalo cream. Afyonian people use their favorite buffalo cream in almost every dish they make. Nur Lokantasi’s innovation is to use this buffalo cream in their tripe soup.

This makes Nur Lokantasi and their tripe soup special. As Afyonkarahisar has been selected as the City of Gastronomy by UNESCO, they are eager to show off their culinary culture. Nur Lokantasi was established in 1973 with a different name, but then it quickly changed its name to “Nur Lokantas─▒” and specialized in serving traditional Afyon food.

Their tripe soup is a phenomenon.

In Turkey, you can find many tripe soup restaurants open on 7/24. So it’s one of the most traditional and preferred soups for Turkish people. It’s also the best hangover cure for ultimate drinkers. If a slice of pizza with garlic is the best hangover food for New Yorkers, you can think the same for the tripe soup for Turkish people.

So If you are new to the game, you should color up your tripe soup before eating it according to your wishes, like adding some spices and putting vinegar and garlic into your soup.

The other specialty dish in Nur Lokantasi is “Emirdag Pacha,” a soup-like word. It’s made from cow tongue and bone broth and served with yogurt over bread crumbs, cow tongue, and bone broth. A compelling dish!

“Emirdag Paca” with Cow Tongue and Bone Broth. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Gastroturfing Youtube channel for more food videos.

This dish also has the same mentality as the “Yoghurt Pacha” served in Salim Usta, Afyonkarahisar. If you visit Afyonkarahisar, make your way to drink this buffalo cream-enhanced tripe soup.

Also, try their “Ekmek Kadayifi” dessert again, creamed with buffalo milk.

Bon appetite!

Nur Lokantas─▒
Burmal─▒, 23. Sk. 9/A, 03100 Afyonkarahisar Merkez/Afyonkarahisar
Tel: +90 272 2153335

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