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Where to Eat the Best Turbot Tandoori Fish on the Asian Side of Istanbul? Misina Balik Restaurant, Kadikoy

Turbot is an overpriced fish in Turkiye. However, the pearl of Istanbul and the fish that should be overpriced is bluefish. (Lufer) Before they become real bluefish, bluefish go to the Black Sea in the summer and are caught in the Bosphorus when they want to fatten up and move from the Marmara Sea to the Aegean Sea. They are the most beautiful and unique “bluefish” when they make this reverse migration through the Bosphorus. Therefore, if asked what the representative fish of Istanbul is, we should say “Lufer” without any doubt.

As a matter of fact, over time, a legend of turbot was created in Istanbul, and with the transformation of this fish into a monopoly in Istanbul, it reached the perception that turbot, which lives in the Black Sea and hangs motionless on the bottom, is an overpriced fish in Turkey. This ugly, flat sea monster has dethroned the beautiful bluefish in the capitalist order. (Sound familiar?) Since no one is willing to buy this nasty fish and make it at home, prices are at the mercy of restaurants. However, you can enjoy the Black Sea turbot in Sinop for a quarter of the price in Istanbul.

But what the hell!

Now, masters. Hold on tight. We will tell you where to eat the best Turbot fish tandoori, not only on the Anatolian side of Istanbul but also on the whole of Istanbul. Thus, we will break the big game in time. Misina Balik, just across from Goztepe Park, is one of Istanbul’s best seafood restaurants. It is also the best turbot restaurant in Istanbul.

I can hear the fanatics. But get your heads out of the sand. Deniz Adam Suat (the owner) has taken the business to another level. Kill the man, but give him his due. He added another word to conventional fish cooking techniques. What did he do? He bought two of the world-famous charcoal grills, the Big Green Egg, and put them in his kitchen so he could cook this turbot better.

Mr. Suat cooked the turbot, which he grilled classically on charcoal on top of conventional fish cooking techniques, in the Big Green Egg, which reaches up to 350 degrees when the lid is closed and functions as a charcoal oven, in a way to keep its flavor inside with softer and chewy skin, thus proving to the whole of Istanbul that turbot is even more delicious.

If anyone has a better and more value-added cooking technique than this, let him speak now or be silent forever. Fortunately, since we have eaten turbot in many places, we have enough knowledge to understand some iconic differences.

Misina Balık has a cozy décor like a modern fisherman’s hut and a flamboyant fish showcase. You can go and choose, find out how many kilos the fish weigh, and get information about the prices. And they are never shy about telling you. Right behind you is a colorful appetizer cabinet. They are exceptionally skilled in processing/specializing and cooking the fish.

If you say crab, there’s crab; if you say mud crab, there’s mud crab. Oysters? Of course, there are oysters. Moreover, oysters are from our seas.

As we said, Misina Balık is one of the most ambitious restaurants in Istanbul for Turbot and one of the top three restaurants in Turkey for seafood.

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The owner, Mr. Suat, is originally from Kars. He doesn’t hesitate to come and serve the tables himself and take care of his customers one-on-one. And yes, as you can guess, he makes the best goose in Istanbul during winter. Even in Kars, you can’t eat such good goose. We are telling you.

So why do we praise him so much?

Because Mr. Suat likes to add value to his work, he likes to research new techniques, improve his work, and learn.

As such, you can eat the best turbot grilled tandoori in Istanbul here.

What shall we say?

Good luck to all the places that want to become seafood restaurants when they grow up.

And remember!

If your turbot is not cooked at Big Green Egg, it is two centuries behind the times.

Now we know where to eat the best turbot in Istanbul.

Enjoy your meal.

Bon appetite.

Misina Balık Restaurant
Caddebostan, No: Caddebostan Mahallesi, Prof. Dr. Hulusi Behçet Cd. No:10, 34730 Kadıköy/İstanbul
Tel: +90216 350 8090

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