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Where to Have the Best Cocktails on the Go in Athens? The Bar in Front of the Bar, Athens, Greece

Athens has fantastic cocktail bars. We want to introduce you to this bar we encountered on the street during one of our trips to Athens, and we loved it very much. It’s called The Bar in Front of the Bar.

When you look from the outside, this bar doesn’t look like much, but let us tell you about it.

It has a small facade facing the street and a menu that changes daily with signature cocktails. You place your order quickly at one of the tables facing the street and start sipping your cocktail within five minutes at the latest. Everything sounds pretty straightforward so far. We went to this bar without any expectations, and the most essential feature of this bar for us was that it reflected the spirit of Athens in the most sincere way.

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So much so that we wanted to try different cocktails at The Bar in Front of the Bar even in the following days we spent in Athens because Athens is a city that has managed to put its cocktail bars on the “World’s Best Cocktail Bars List.”

So what does “The Bar in Front of the Bar” mean? It means the bar in front of the bar. So again, they ask, “Which bar is the bar in front of which bar?” At this point, after a bit of research, we come across a “speakeasy bar.” In other words, it is a secret bar, not in front. So we asked and discovered that the bar behind it is called “The Rumble in the Jungle.” They have the same owner and mixologist. (Look how mysterious things have become) The Bar in Front of the Bar is the version of Rumble in the Jungle that spills out onto the street and is fishing for a speakeasy bar.

But aren’t we wondering where the name The Rumble in the Jungle comes from?

The legendary fight between George Foreman and Muhammad Ali on October 30, 1974, is called “The Rumble in the Jungle.

As you can see. What we started as a casual cocktail bar has become sophisticated.

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“The Bar in Front of The Bar” is mysterious and different, and the cocktails are unique.

However, “The Bar in Front of the Bar” ranked 98th in the world’s 100 best bars in 2024. Congratulations. Athens has another award-winning bar. Good luck with “The Rumble in the Jungle”.

We had difficulty deciding what to order when we arrived, so a staff member came over and helped us immediately. When he found out that we liked Negroni and Margarita, he suggested a Negroni and a Margarita twist, and our drinks were served to us in about five minutes.

We loved the drinks that arrived. We fell in love with the intimate spirit of the cocktails that spilled out onto the street. “Yamas!” we toasted and quickly dived into the streets of Athens in search of souvlaki.

After souvlaki, there are many more award-winning cocktail bars to visit in Athens.

Good luck to all the explorers who visit Athens.


The Bar in Front of the Bar
Petraki 1, Athens 105 63, Greece
Tel: +30 211 7352018

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