The Best Patisseries in Kadikoy, Istanbul

The Best Representatives of the Patisseries that Stimulate the Senses with their Smells in Kadikoy

Patisseries, where all kinds of sweet and savory pastries are arranged like pearls in the showcase, are places that make people of all ages happy. Pastry shops, which whet the appetite with the fragrant smell of pastries, bagels, pastriescookiescakes, and desserts produced freshly by laboring in the most fertile and earliest hours of the morning, occupy a significant place in Turkish culinary culture.

With a history dating back to the 1800s, patisseries are one of the places that affect not only Turkish culinary culture but also our social culture. For those who remember, all those old patisseries we now see as historical patisseries were the most important meeting points of a period, and who knows what love they witnessed?

Thanks to the patisserie, which did its job with love, it started in Beyoglu and spread throughout the country. In this sense, Istanbul has undoubtedly become the center of the best. After Beyoglu, patisseries opened in Kadikoy over time, adding value and identity to the Anatolian side, especially Kadikoy.

Patisseries, which we visit every moment of the day to take a tea or coffee break, meet with our friends, and have sweet conversations, are among our indispensable places. For this reason, we wanted to examine Kadikoy, where the best patisseries are located, both for ourselves and for you, and we thought we would compile the best patisseries of Kadikoy for you.

Here are the best patisseries in Kadikoy, which have sweet and savory flavors.

1. Asuman Pastane

Asuman Patisserie, a large and spacious place with a French patisserie concept next to Moda Bostan, is one of the best patisseries in Kadıköy as a new generation patisserie. After the legendary chocolates and desserts of Asuman Çikolata (Chocolate), Asuman Patisserie offers its customers a quality and different patisserie experience with its legendary patisserie products. Their sourdough bread and sandwiches are pretty successful. Among the must-try flavors are Asuman croissantcherry croissant with gum dropssourdough bread with olives, and feta cheese spread with dried tomatoes.

Address: Caferaga, Sair Nefi Sk. No:24/B, 34710 Kadikoy/Istanbul
Tel: 0216 338 69 54

2. Beyaz Firin

Beyaz Firin, which has been serving its customers in Istanbul since the 1800s and is one of the oldest patisseries in Istanbul, is one of the most visited places by Kadikoy residents and those passing through Kadikoy with its Kadikoy branch. Beyaz Firin, one of the first places that comes to mind when it comes to Kadikoy and continues to maintain the quality of its pastry products produced with years of experience and experience, is undoubtedly one of the best pastries in Kadikoy.

Located at the intersection of Muhurdar Street and Yasa Street, one of the busiest streets of Kadikoy, Beyaz Firin is visited by its customers every December before New Year’s Eve to see the traditional New Year’s decorations and New Year’s delicacies. If you visit Beyaz Firin, we recommend trying its strawberry puff pastry, German cakeBalat pastryprofiterolesacibadem, and croissants.

Address: Caferaga, Yasa Cd. No:23, 34710 Kadikoy/Istanbul
Tel: 0216 349 13 13

3. Baylan

The historical Baylan Patisserie is one of the most loved and admired patisseries, one of the first things that come to mind when it comes to Kadikoy and is among the values that make up the identity of Kadikoy. Established in 1923 with its Beyoglu branch, Baylan is undoubtedly one of the best patisseries in Kadikoy and even in Istanbul because of the passion of its founder, Filip Lenas, and his son, Harry Lenas, for their work. Harry Lenas, Turkey’s first academic pastry chef, invented ”The Kup Griye,” a dessert unique to Baylan, in the 1950s. Opened in 1961, Baylan’s Kadikoy branch has served its customers, maintaining the same historical texture and flavor quality. Kup gripe is, of course, a must at Baylan. In addition, truffle cakeAddis Abababutterscotch honey cakerococo, and mousse chockola are other must-try delicacies.

Address: Caferaga, Muvakkithane Cd. No: 9/A, 34710 Kadikoy/Istanbul
Tel: 0216 346 63 50

4. Eyfel Patisserie

Eyfel Patisserie, which has been serving in Kadikoy since 1979, is among the places frequented by dessert lovers with its renewed decoration. Eyfel Patisserie, one of the best patisseries in Kadikoy, is one of the most frequented places in Moda Pool Square, and it has delicious desserts and various cookies. We recommend trying their raspberry parfaitstrawberry cake, raspberry chocolate makingstrawberry mois, and different flavored cookies.

Address: Caferaga, General Asım Gunduz Cad. No:87, 34710 Kadikoy/Istanbul
Tel: 0216 418 36 85

5. Inci Patisserie

Serving on General Asim Gunduz Street since 1958, Inci Patisserie, the pearl of Kadikoy, continues to be one of the best in Kadikoy with its flavors that defy the years. Inci Patisserie is a slight, shabby, decent, and cozy patisserie on the left as you walk from Bahariye to Moda. Since it is a small and popular place, there is always a line in front of it, and the must-try flavors of Inci Pastry Shop include German cakepuff pastrybanana roll cake, and profiteroles.

Address: Caferaga, Gen. Asım Gunduz Cd. 45/A, 34710 Kadikoy/Istanbul
Tel: 0216 336 29 28

6. Pasifik Pastanesi

At the intersection of Moda Street and Nese Street, Pasifik Patisserie is one of the patisseries that Kadıköy residents know and love. Pasifik Patisserie, one of the oldest patisseries in Kadıköy, always adds pleasure to tea and coffee breaks with its fresh cakes and various cookies. We recommend you try their Amsterdam, wet cake, German cake, lotus, polka, and tarts.

Adres: Caferaga, Moda Cd. No:76, 34710 Kadikoy/Istanbul
Tel: 0216 346 14 30

Our list of the best patisseries in Kadikoy, Istanbul, skyrockets our serotonin levels with their colorful showcases and fragrant smells. If you think this patisserie should be on the list, we await your comments and recommendations.

Bon Appetit!

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