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Where to Eat the Best Fish in a Cone in Athens? Zisis, Athens, Greece

Have you ever seen fried fish in a cone? We have, in Athens. What happened to our culture of making cones out of newspapers? There used to be seed sellers on the streets, and they sold their seeds in cones. They disappeared, too. Modern packaging came along, and the old days were ruined.

Well, you probably won’t be surprised if we tell you that this cone-making culture continues in Athens. We recommend you observe the fishermen selling in the meat and fish market in the center of Athens, another example of which is rare in the world. You will see that they all put raw fish, octopus, and squid in large cones made of greaseproof paper and hand them to their customers in these cones.

In other words, the cone-making tradition in Athens continues at full speed.

Zisis, A Fishing Establishment in a Cone

Based on this tradition, a fisherman named Zisis, who also has a story, designed the concept of fish in a cone to snack on while walking on the street. And he did it very well.

We were informed that there is a similar concept in Italy when we shared fish in cones on our Instagram account.

So, what is on the Zisis menu?

Calamari, anchovies, anchovies, papalina, sardines, tiny shrimps… In other words, all small but unique Aegean Sea fish and insects.

You choose your fish from the counter, and within two minutes, they fry it in oil, put it in a cone, add half a lemon, and serve it.


Crispy Fresh Aegean Fish

You squeeze the lemon over the fish in the cone and eat crispy, fresh Aegean sea fish.

It’s that simple. It’s delicious. Fresh, warm sea fish, the country’s own unique flavor.

In short, we ate Greek anchovies in a cone while walking the streets of Athens. It was the first time we had such an experience, and we loved it.

So, what did we think while doing this activity?

While it was such a simple idea, we wondered why there is no single fisherman/fish restaurant serving fish in cones in our country surrounded by the sea on three sides.

Fish in a cone is a great idea.

But remember! In Greece, this coneism is not baseless. In the bazaar, market, and grocery store, it is still expected to offer products in cones. So, the idea is not without context. That’s why we keep telling you to go and see the place, add vision to yourself, and come back.

I wish our contexts were connected to our unique ideas.

Then it would be delicious.

Peace be upon you.

Zisis, Fish in a Cone
Athinaidos 3, Athina 105 63, Yunanistan
Tel: +302103211152

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